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Robina Babirye asked a question:

abortion womens clinic in randburg

0736613276 ABORTION / TERMINATION OF PREGNANCY We conduct abortion on demand up to the 30 week (6-7 months) of pregnancy. Abortion is a process of ending a pregnancy. If pregnancy is confirmed and...

1 day ago
Jann Jee asked a question:

Invent new challenges, alpha boost

Father; do not reach the top, never, because there there is only one way: down. Invent new challenges, alpha boost do crossword puzzles, force them to memory, are not drug (do not deny its effect...

6 days ago
Saba Khan asked a question:


Most on the goStaple #5: Branched Chain Amino AcidsAs as of now specified, amino acids are the building squares of protein Branched chain amino acids are the key amino acids leucine, isoleucine, a...

11 days ago
Aliya Jutt asked a question:


fundamentally expanded their sperm number after a gradu subsequent to utilizing this herb In the event that this herb not for pregnancy Be that as it may, in the event that you think you are prepa...

13 days ago
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14 days ago
Neil.Tier asked a question:

Gyming on Slow Carb Diet

Hey guys, I’ve been on and off the SCD for a few years now…I know what its about etc, last time I did the regime I lost about 10KG and went great, but then hit financial trouble so had...

14 days ago
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14 days ago
dangvantrung blogged:

7 Easy Dinners To Try This Week

Creamy, cheesy and comforting! Loaded with Ranch chicken, homemade alfredo sauce and bacon. Can be made ahead of time! Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole - Creamy, cheesy and comforting! Loaded with ...

14 days ago
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14 days ago
Avi.Dzik asked a question:

peanuts in moderation?

are peanuts considered like other nuts and allowed in moderation? i figure it’s like peanut butter which is allowed in moderation? i just want to make sure.

14 days ago
Avi.Dzik asked a question:

stevia in lemon water

is it ok to use stevia? i sip lemon water throughout the day, adding in stevia for sweetness? is there a clear limit to the stevia allowed?

14 days ago
18 days ago
justin replied to Jessica Lugo's question:
19 days ago
Jessica Lugo asked a question:

Protein shakes?...

with unsweetened almond milk? recommendations for protein powder? is any of this allowed?

26 days ago
Tomhole replied to Bugzy Chorky's question:

Cholesterol has gone through the roof

I would be very concerned about the sudden jump. It might be a precursor to a heart attack. My cholesterol was always around 250 until I got fat and it went up to 290 over a few years. I found ...

28 days ago

This is a good suggestion. I had this test done and unfortunately, my LDL was not the fluffy type. It was all the dense LDL. Doc put me on stati...

28 days ago
Sibilly commented on Sibilly's question:

I drink coffee once a day, plain, with a splash of cinnamon and some black tea, also no sugar/milk added.

33 days ago
Sibilly asked a question:

Breakfast time, protein intake, PAGG...

Hello! I’m new in the SCD, and I am loving it, aside the chocolate crawings (which I am fighting fearlessly for now). It’s been a week now and I havent recorded any progres in losing w...

33 days ago
36 days ago
Rirta Nigla asked a question:

Enlargement and erectile disorders.

Enlargement and erectile disorders. Therefore men are not recommended to abuse them. Adequate intake of coffee improves male fertility, since this drink spermatozoa significantly improves mobility...

45 days ago
Ziv Kraizelman asked a question:

The Low Information Diet: should you not read books?

Hey guys, In Tim Ferriss’ The 4 Hour Body, he advocates to stop conduming any type of information other than his book. This idea really disturbs me, as I would like to read many books to lea...

50 days ago
Milata Marto asked a question:

Minerals. Improvement of their level in the blood

Minerals. Improvement of their level in the blood by supplements improved the brain functions. Foliate Folic acid is a vitamin which has an effect on mood and memory subtle changes. A lack of foli...

50 days ago
Saba Saeed asked a question:

With all my love for the best mom in the

With all my love for the best mom in the world. I love you infinitely. From a distance, on this special day … you receive my love and best wishes to guarantee you a beautiful Mother’s ...

52 days ago
Zelma Jackson asked a question:

Lower your hands as slowly as possible

Lower your hands as slowly as possible, and not to the full extension at the elbow, or the load comes off with biceps. aviva hair When bending the hand breathe, in extension - exhale. This is per...

60 days ago

a lot of burger patties have oats or flour added to hold the meat together, so that would be a no. your work should have an ingredients list.

64 days ago
Brian Blaszkowski replied to Marek.X's question:


Are you drinking enough water? Are you SURE youre getting enough protein within 30 minutes of waking up? Also, have you tried ice baths? Thise three things seem to be the most common issues ...

67 days ago

For those tracking weight loss, are you also tracking inches lost? I found i actually GAINED weight on this diet the first time around (2 years ago...

67 days ago
Brian Blaszkowski asked a question:

Odd sleep habits affecting 30-in-30

I looked through the forums for an answer to this, closest i got was that within 30 minutes of WAKING up (not GETTING up), 30 grams of protein. My problem is that i literally wake up every two, ...

67 days ago
Ben2TheMax replied to Matias Miranda's question:

About burger patties

I think the consensus would be to know exactly where the meat comes from and what’s been added to it, yeah? Obviously if you’re working at a place with lean grass fed beef, then you&#...

67 days ago
sprite.canuck replied to David Dayan's question:

Any other vegans following the program?

this might be a dumb question, but have you tried spirulina?

69 days ago
sprite.canuck replied to Melaina Phipps's question:

Is this forum still active?

i tried to sign up last year, and waited more than 6 months for my registration to be approved. and there is a lot of spam in here—i’d say that there isn’t a good team of moderat...

69 days ago
Trina Moore shared a tip:

Do not order purple rhino

I have tried the purple rhino started taking them the night I received them. Nothing was different so I figured they would have to get them in my system. I continued to take them with no effects g...

70 days ago
Prewn Joua asked a question:

What are the advantages you get with Testadrox?

What are the advantages you get with Testadrox? There are colossal points of interest of utilizing this common testosterone supporter consistently. To begin with, it assembles the course in the ...

70 days ago
72 days ago
Sanam Noor asked a question:

at the skin Dermagen iQ

is essentially poor course at the skin Dermagen iQ and can be inconceivably diminished by dry brushing. As demonstrated by Into The Gloss, you shouldn’t aimlessly accept that a thing is cha...

72 days ago
Matias Miranda asked a question:

About burger patties

Hi, im working at a restaurant and sometimes Im allowed to take some stuff home by the end of the day. i just want to know if burger patties are simply not allowed or what shoyld I look for in t...

72 days ago

Or they had success with it (as I do) and don't need to talk about it anymore because they can get on with their lives. I'm here cause I like answe...

73 days ago
Alexander replied to Melaina Phipps's question:

Is this forum still active?

Seems lots of people reaized that 4HB book (and the slowcarb diet) contains lots of controversy and simply false facts, and eventually went to calories counting (such a surpise).

73 days ago
Daniel Best replied to Melaina Phipps's question:
78 days ago
Mark.Ramdog blogged:

Ramdoggie in the house

I just purchased the book and CD and have been implementing it. Just on my first week and need some help as I try to turn myself into the four hour superhuman :)

81 days ago
Mikel.Gainza asked a question:

Occam's protocol and Swimming

Hi guys, Quick question: I swim one day a week, and I want to start Occam’s protocol. From the book, I know you should have intervals of rest between workouts… Is it incompatible t...

81 days ago