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Luis Morales asked a question:

Slow carb diet: no % of body fat achieved

Hello everyone, I have been on the slow carb diet for 2 weeks now and although I have achieved weight loss (5lb now) I have not been able to decrease my percentage of body fat, which was my main g...

6 days ago
Danny Shemesh asked a question:

What is your workout plan post goal achievement ?

Hey all,rnrnI wondered what type of workout plan you guys have sticked to after achieving your goals,rnbe it bulking or cutting. rnrnThanks !

14 days ago

I have rheumatoid arthritis too. I\'m having a really hard time with cheat days as well. I\'m doing gluten free cheats for now, but I have really ...

27 days ago
Mark Coster asked a question:

Optimal 4 wk prep for 100km bike ride

Hi all, I decided the only way to get back some physical fitness is to have a goal in mind. I have signed up for a 100 km (60 mile) bike ride in 4 weeks time. I haven't been on my bike for sev...

35 days ago
36 days ago

I\'m an avid coffee drinker and trying to find ways to drink coffee (I used to drink 1 cup of skim plus and one truvia with cold brew or espresso 3...

37 days ago

can u really use heavy cream?

37 days ago
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38 days ago
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38 days ago
Anna Wall asked a question:

Do you know next-jobs24.com ?

Do you know next-jobs24.com ? rnrnwhat do you think about this site: https://next-jobs24.com/

38 days ago
Cece Stark replied to Christopher Songer's question:

Slow carb diet.

As is the response for many of these questions, you will probably have to experiment on urself and see how your body reacts. I love lemon-water… here is a handy site re fructose content of ...

50 days ago

And except up to 2 Tbsp heavy cream in coffee (p83 in my hard copy book)

50 days ago
Cece Stark commented on awarner's reply:

You can deactivate lectins by soaking, rinsing and boiling /pressure cooking beans for 10 mins.

50 days ago
51 days ago
51 days ago
Chris Tavner asked a question:

Bad breath

I've been doing the slow carb diet for a few weeks, and so far have seen some good results. One complaint though, from my wife (!), is that since going on it my breath has been bad. I've...

51 days ago
ajgoldman asked a question:

Re-Intro-Back to the Diet

The last time I went on the 4-Hour Body was about five years ago and I successfully lost the weight I was trying to lose. Now I\'m 57 with those same 4-5 lbs. to lose and it's time to...

61 days ago
Eleni Grady asked a question:

Fruit isnt allowed. Are fruit infused teas allowed? Sugar per serving is 0.5g.

Tetley twists. Caffine free. Ingredients are Rosehip & white hibiscus (35%), orange peel, natural flavour, chicory root, liquorice root, sweet blackberry leaves, passionfruit juice granules (0...

73 days ago

Soory, accidental, trying to remove.

81 days ago
Elizabeth Pressler asked a question:

Type 1 diabetes and SCD

well, i didnt mean to actially post but now i cant delete, so ill use this to ask: any other folks on here with type 1 diabetes? So far, I\'m liking SCD. it\'s not as amazing for m...

81 days ago