The 300 Spartan Workout

This challenge will show you how to get ripped like a Spartan warrior by following the workout routine used by the cast of the blockbuster movie 'The 300'. Trainer Mark Twight created the 300 Workout, which consists of 7 exercises for a total of 300 reps. This demanding routine should only be done a couple times per week and should not be attempted by beginners. Do you have what it takes......


Step 1

300 Workout Overview

Step 2

25 Pullups

Step 3

50 Deadlifts at 135 pounds

Step 4

50 Pushups

Step 5

24" Box jumps (50 reps)

Step 6

50 "Floor wipers"

Step 7

Dumbbell "clean and press" (50 reps)

Step 8

25 Pullups