30-day Six Pack Challenge Day 10

It's Day 10 of the 30-day Six Pack Challenge, I hope you've been able to keep up! By now, you should really be starting to look & feel great and be craving for more. But first, you've earned a relaxing day off today to just chill and get some rest--the fun begins again first thing tomorrow! Your only task today is to make sure not to overeat (since you're not exercising you need to eat l......


Step 1

Before & after photos: Six pack sprint Day 10

Step 2

Breakfast: Warm spinach salad with soft-boiled eggs

Step 3

Snack: Smoked salmon / avocado

Step 4

Snack: Hummus / Cauliflower / Almonds

Step 5

Dinner: Broccoli & shrimp stir fry

Step 6

Optional midnight snack