30-day Six Pack Sprint: Day 6

Today's challenge will get you one step closer to your six-pack with a morning fasted cardio session followed by an evening weight training routine emphasizing your shoulders and arms. As for today's meals, you'll be having turkey, fish, and veggies--all super-fast to prepare and you'll only need to cook once for dinner. Good luck and stick with it! Tomorrow you get to rest and have carb......


Step 1

Before & after photos: Six pack sprint Day 6

Step 2

Wake & Burn #3: Insanity FIT test

Step 3

Post-workout shake

Step 4

Breakfast: Celery w/almond butter

Step 5

Snack: Smoked salmon / avocado / egg

Step 6

Tuna lettuce wraps

Step 7

Pre-workout snack: Turkey, veggies, hummus

Step 8

Warmup: Rowing machine-10 minutes

Step 9

Dumbbell Lateral Raises - 4 sets

Step 10

Overhead machine presses - 5 sets

Step 11

Cable curls - 5 sets

Step 12

Chin-up/Dip Assist Machine

Step 13

Vertical bench leg raises - 3x25

Step 14

Low Intensity Cardio - 30 minutes

Step 15

Post-workout shake

Step 16

Salmon w/asparagus

Step 17

Optional midnight snack