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Intermittent Fasting experience?

Hey all,

Sorry for the numerous questions lately, i've just been stalling a bit and I'd like to start to see some more progress.

I've been reading a lot of about IF. The different ways people do it (i.e. 24 hour fasts twice a week OR eating windows) I'm interested in trying IF with SCD meals to see how my body responds. At this point, I have no focus on muscle gain, and I am mainly interested in weight loss.

I am looking for suggestions on which method would be more effective. 24 hour fasts twice a week, or eating windows.

Question-Would eating 11am to 7pm count as an IF eating window? If so, how many meals am I supposed to have in this time? Also, do you do the eating window a few times per week, or daily (Aka never have breakfast)

Another big question, how does IF and cheat day work? I'd still like to be able to have my cheat day, without a "cheat window" and I''m wondering the approach to that. I've read about people fasting the day before cheat day. Would that be a 24 hour fast? (e.g. don't eat past 12pm Friday, start cheating 12pm Saturday).

Or would it be a better approach to fast from Thursday evening to Friday evening (24 hours), and have a small SCD dinner on Friday night. Wake up and start cheating on Saturday right away.

Thanks in advance for any responses! I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions from anyone who has tried/does IF because I'd like to give this a go. If anyone wishes to share their IF results, that would be much appreciated too!!!


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I think I responded to you about this very topic in a previous thread. I mentioned I was doing a 24 hour fast before my cheat day and I must say, it was pretty effective. I was out of town all weekend and didn't have as much control over my diet as I wanted. But 2 days after my cheat, I was only 1.6 .lbs over my pre-cheat/post-fast weight. Not super conclusive because I couldn't weigh myself immediately after the cheat day, but still pretty good.

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did u read my if experience yet??..... check my post.. also check out for best info

i feel like i would struggle with the 24 hr fasts.. its VERY hard! i have done 25 hrs ever year for yom kippur ( but we are banned from drinking anything at ALL so the lack of fluids makes one extremely lethargic!!!) ...... i feel that with water and coffee, etc, 24 hrs is doable- u would lose water weight for sure- guessing 1-2 lbs.... (hmm...pre-wedding diet i amy do!! lol)

anyway- seems kinda extreme for me though, not too sure

  • maddykiedis commented Jul 14th 2012:

    Hey! Ya, I have been reading a lot. I've seen the 24 hour fasts, but I think I'd be better suited to an eating period from 12pm to 8pm. Would I be doing this every day?? And how would it work with my cheat day?? And ya, I find the Yom Kippur fasts so hard!! (I'm Jewish too lol)... But I did a 24 hour post cheat day fast and with all the water and coffee it seemed ok. I really didn't find it effective though, I lost the cheat day weight quick, but didn't lose any additional weight that week.

    But ya, ill check out the leangains info when I get home from the cottage, I've already been to the site but ill read in greater depth.

    And your getting married??? Congrats!!!

    Thanks for the info!

  • Lexi dogon commented Jul 16th 2012:

    haha i should clarify! TOTALLY not getting married, hahaha..oops! my bad! i am a bridesmaid !!lol

  • Lexi dogon commented Jul 16th 2012:

    just rereading that it sounds like it is my wedding!!oops! lol

  • maddykiedis commented Aug 21st 2012:

    hahaha just saw this now. I lol'd in the library so loud


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24hour-fast... I did it sometimes for fasting and praying starting last year. I did another 40-day-fast with leaving out all the treat-stuff and stimulants. My problem was that those fasts seemingly changed something in my metabolism and I started to feel hungry all the time. Couldn't get satiated anymore by normal meals. Had to eat A LOT to really feel full. That was torture! And I started to get fat the first time in my life after decades of having kind of the same weight.

Soooo - for ME a whole day fast seems to make things worse.

Nevertheless I added intermittend fastings now and then to my SCD since two weeks. Just because I love the not-being-hungry-windows now and feel like I am hurting my own body regulation when I eat when I'm not hungry. For me IF seems to work well, I lost a little bit of inches and weight last week.

Did 16 h fasts starting midnight on cheat day (first meal at 4 pm) two times.

Did something like 14 h fasts two times starting at approx. 8 pm (first meal at 9 or 10 am).

But just 1 1/2 weeks is to early to be sure about results, I think.


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Apologies if I ask this in a couple of related posts as I dont know which one is more active. I am interested in starting Intermittent Fasting while on SCD, probably a 16/8 to start with.

My workout routine isn't from the book but is a 3 day full body workout that i perform in the mornings on mon, wed, fri.

My cheat day has always been Sundays as I am with family most of the day & joining in the various lunches/dinners. If I were to do a post cheat day fast (i.e. Monday), will this be inadvisable if I am to perform my Monday morning workout ? I.e. it is not a good idea to not eat anything after a workout.

My question is purely around the workout timing & fasting so any input on this will be appreciated and may help me decide on when I should do my IF / Cheat days.

Many thanks,


  • sufferingoptional commented Aug 23rd 2012:

    Binny, you should read the LeanGains website ( The 16/8 method is the one developed by Martin Berkhan over at LeanGains and he lays it all out for you. He actually has a whole protocol on fasted training which you should take a look at. The summary, though, is it should be fine. You need to drink branch chain amino acids (bcaa's) before, during and after your workout to supplement the protein your muscles need after a workout and then eat a post-workout meal whenever it's time for you to eat.

  • BK240 commented Aug 23rd 2012:

    Thank you sufferingoptional.. I guess that's an option to take bcaa, just don't parcticularly warm to taking supplements etc .. or I could change my fasting day so its not on a workout day (i.e. before cheat day).. or my workout to the evening ?

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