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Just modifying breakfast as a gateway?

Hello all,

Thanks for all the great posts here. I appreciate the work the community does to support and help each other.

I am considering trying to get my father interested in the SCD and I am very intrigued by Tim's story of the success his father had simply by having a protein shake in the morning. He has at least 50 lbs (or more) that he could lose.

So I want to propose this as a "gateway hack" for my dad. My question is about whether a protein shake (such as the Myoplex shake with 42g of protein) is used as a replacement for breakfast, or as a supplement on top of a smaller portion of SCD foods (some beans and eggs?).

Tips and suggestions are welcome. Keep in mind that I am not trying to push the entire SCD at once.



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First of all, starting with breakfast is definitely the way forward.

With regards to the protein shakes, I know a lot of people drink them to comply with the “30 within 30” rule (30g of protein within 30min of waking).

In theory, this would allow you to skip breakfast altogether, or have a smaller, later, SCD-compliant breakfast when it's easier to stomach.

If he's used to eating a decent breakfast then you might want to go with a mixture of protein shake and food; however if he's someone who is used to skipping breakfast (like me) then I see no real reason why the shake can't be used as a replacement protein source.

You'll definitely encounter some conflicting views on the shake matter, what you could do and what you should do are, sometimes, two different things, it all depends on your Dad's body and lifestyle as to what will work for him. I have no doubt that any version of a SCD breakfast would work well for him, but as for what would work BEST for him, I am in no position to say.

So you could easily replace breakfast with a shake.

You could also drop the shakes and have real food.

You could do a mixture of both.

It's down to you and your Dad to decide what the best solution for his body and lifestyle is.

  • JeffL commented Jul 13th 2012:

    Thanks, Scott!

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