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Female SCDieters slower to reacte than Men?

Hi there,

I'm 5'8" 130lbs female and a first time Slow Carb Dieter. I started, 3 weeks ago, at the same time as a male colleague who has seen incredible results. I've stuck strictly to the diet, except from a couple of sweeteners in my coffee a few times. However, you've guessed it, my results have been no where near as impressive as my male colleagues.

I know the menstrual cycle will have an effect on my results but I've only lost 2lbs in 3 weeks. Prior to the diet I didnt eat many carbs hardly ever touching bread, rice or potatoes, but I gorged on fruit which has been a challenge to cut out. I'm wondering why my results are so slow?? I am also going to the gym 3 times a week and will often have a protein shake straight after my work out.

Here's what an average day looks like:

Breakfast: Spanish style tortilla (with butter beans instead of potatoe). 1portion contains 1 whole egg, 1/4 can of butter beans, ham, onion, spinach

Lunch: 2 chicken breasts, 1/2 can of kidney beans cooked with mushrooms and onions, green beans or broccoli

Dinner: Fish (salmon or mackerel), broccoli, beans OR chicken salad with lentils


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Hi. I am a female, 33 y/old and also 5'8. However, I started at 220 and I do not even think I want to be 130 lbs. I am med frame. My BF% is about 10-15% higher than I would like.

My point is that you being 130lbs seems like a nice weight for your height and you likely have very little fat to lose? Please tell us what your goals are. If you have only a few lbs to lose, it will go slowly - very slowly.

Are you measuring, taking pics? The scale WILL deceive, particularly for gals, I think, as we deal with hormones and such. My first 4 weeks I saw a 12 lb loss and 5 inches from my waist. Again, I am sadly in the "obese" range for a 5'8 woman ( not for long, though!)

Now, as for your meals... you eat a tortilla at breakfast? That's not allowed on this diet on non cheat days. Also, one egg and beans will hardly get you to 30g protein. Try 2-3 eggs with egg whites, maybe some bacon or sausage. You need to have 30g at breakfast.

Your legume intake seems high. I would only consume 1/4 c to 1/2c beans per day, and only at breakfast and/or lunch.

Also, make sure you are getting at least 3L water.

  • Ruby Johnson commented Jul 12th 2012:

    Hi mizeriqua, thanks for your reply! My major goal is to reduce the high % of body fat I have, I store an awful lot of fat/flab around my middle (tummy, muffin top).

    The tortilla I have for breakfast is defo 4HB safe...see the recipe here: http://www.4hourrecipes.com/recipe/spanish-style-tortilla/

    But I will re-think this and maybe just have eggs and turkey sausages, quick and easy to pre-cook.

    Thinking about it I am eating a lot of legumes, so will replace some of these with green veg.

    Thanks for your help

  • mizeriqua commented Jul 12th 2012:

    OH! OK. When I heard "tortilla", I immediately thought a corn or wheat wrap for your eggs. I think maybe just using 1/4 cup beans in your breakfast and lunch and removing them from dinner. Keep the veggies for all meals :) Let us know if this helps! Good luck!

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