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Enough calories and proteins to gain muscle?

After having been 8 months off, I've decided to get back on the SCD and give the experiment of renewing myself another go.

There were several factors that made me quit last time:

First, christmas was coming up, which meant working double hours. I didn't have the time or energy to cook and shop for SCD foods.

Second, I was 1 month away from going on a 10 week around the world trip, so I had other things on my mind.

Third and most importantly, I had not made any progress the last three weeks. I might also add that these were the three weeks I tried to #gain weight and not loose fat at the same time. After having read the book once more I now understand that I wasn't consuming enough calories to support #growth as a result of not wanting to gain fat. This time I have calculated and measured my every meal.

Once again I'm motivated, and I want to try adding some muscle another go!

These are my measurements (using an electronic device 3 hours after breakfast, having consumed 1,5 l of water between 06.30-08.30. measurements being taken at 09.30)

Wight: 72,6 kg

Fat %: 16,2

Fat mass: 11.8 kg

Muscle mass: 57.8 kg

Bone mass: 3 kg

BMR: 1815 kcal

BMI: 24,3

This is my meal plan (weight and protein are measured in grams)

Breakfast Weight Protein Calories 06.00

Eggs 201 26.73 287

Spinach 50 1.3 10

Lentils 115 5.2 115

Total 366 33.23 412

Lunch 10.00

Spinach 50 1.3 10

Beans 75 16.4 234.8

Chicken 150 40.7 219

Salad 100 0.8 12

Paprika 20 0.22 6

Total 395 59.4 481.8

Lunch 14.00

Mixed veggies 135 3.48 38.1

Chicken 150 40.65 219

Beans 75 16.5 234.8

Total 360 60.6 491.9

Dinner 18.00/17.30

Beans 75 16.5 234.8

Mixed veggies 135 3.5 38.1

Beef or pork 150 22 165

Total 360 42 437.9

Evening meal 21.00

Spinach 50 1.3 21

Salmon 125 26.5 223.8

Mixed veggies 135 3.5 38.1

Total 335 26.8 224.1

Protein shake 75 970

Rice * 5.1 905

Total day count: 302.1g protein and 3922,7 calories

This is my goal

My goal is to gain muscle weight and see a 9kg #recomposition in my body. As supplements are expensive and sometimes hard to get ahold of i Norway I will be doing this with no supplements, except for protein powder for the shake. I will be doing the workouts from #Occam's Protocal.

According to the formula on p.191 i should consume at least 160g of protein pre day for muscle gain. As you can see, I am near doubling that.

Question: Am i overdoing it? Will this backfire on me and make me gain a lot of fat?

I remember reading several places in the book "eat more, eat more and you will gain". My current BMR is 1815 calories. By going on this diet i will be doubling that with my 3922,7 daily intake.

Question: Am i overdoing it? Will this backfire on me and make me gain a lot of fat?

Finaly, are you suppose to do #cheat days when trying to gain weight?

If anyone have any experience, tips or anything at all to share on this subject please submit an answer, I will much appreciate it!


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