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Low Hanging SCD Fruit (Don't eat it!)

So I was thinking we could compile a sort-of best practices list of easy things to do that maximize fat loss during the SCD process. Please add some of your "low hanging fruit" so we can all benefit from each other's time and work!

Some of my best practices are:

1.) Don't drink calories. This seems like a no brainer, but seriously, if I could only do one thing to make myself healthier it would be this. Soda, juice (even "natural juices" or smoothies), beer, milk - the list goes on. Cutting this out of my diet has been amazing and probably led to a not insignificant amount of my weight loss.

2.) Eat breakfast. This would be my second choice if I could only do one thing. Even if it's not necessarily an SCD breakfast, eating a healthy breakfast before leaving the house is a great way to start the day and just keeps me motivated to stick with the program the rest of the day.

3.) Drink tons of water. Sort of related to the first one, but water is now my best friend. Feeling hungry? Drink some water. Tired? Drink some water. Happy and generally content? Drink some more water! Conditioning myself to drink water (and lots of it) instead of reaching for other drinks/snacks has been critical to any success I've had.

4.) Don't exercise...yet. I think one of the reasons I couldn't stick with my first attempt at SCD was because I tried to get into exercise too early on into the program. Did you know your brain has a finite capacity for self-control and discipline? It's true! And eating healthy and exercising regularly both tax that finite pool of self-control. This is on top of the added caloric needs of exercise which can just mess everything up. Start with the diet first, then exercise when you feel comfortable with the principles of SCD.

5.) Sleep enough. Even before SCD, I was very militant about my sleep. Sleep is when our brains and bodies recover from a full day of pretty exhausting activity. Committing to a new eating plan takes a lot of energy, especially at the beginning, and I know I don't have that energy without lots of rest. Easier said than done, especially for our momma and poppa SCD-ers out there. But I know it's been super important to me. Plus, that's when I burn the most calories (lol)!

What are some of your "low hanging fruit"?

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Good tips! I definitely have to agree with you for all.

A tip that I definitely think has been crucial to my success so far is eating times of dinner. I try very hard to stick to the rule of no food after 8:00pm, and I am usually in bed by midnight. I prefer to eat around 6:30, and if I am forced to eat later, I choose a smaller dinner. My dinner decisions always seem to be a crucial reflector of my next morning weight loss!!!

Another best practice I use is daily weigh-ins. I don't get excited or upset when i see a small number fluctuation, but by weighing daily i keep accountable for my actions and any urges to cheat are thwarted by the thought of the next morning weigh in!!


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The easiest way to follow this plan is to be prepared! I first cleared out the crap from my kitchen. That is a must, because in a moment of weakness, you don't have the junk food to reach for.

Second - plan my meals ahead. Which I have always done anyway, only this time it's SCD only foods. Cook in bulk, and eat from the Meat/Veggies/Legumes over the course of a few days. And also, I always have cottage cheese in the fridge at home and at work so I am never caught without a safe meal/snack.

Third - I carry a nalgene water bottle with me everywhere! I drink water all day. Also, I love to have seltzer water. La Croix brand is flavored and there is zero sodium/calories/sugar/fake sugar etc. It's just bubbly water. A great way for soda fans to break free from that liquid poison.

  • Serkan Atila commented Jul 27th 2012:

    i personally dont think eating times make a difference (having early dinners) but that may be suitable for me as a male and due to being younger it may not do as much damage for me

    a tip that i would recommend is to keep a jar of the forbidden stuff in the house and practice your self-control muscles.. each time you walk past it and don't indulge, will increase your chances of avoiding it at a social gathering/unexpected urge and will also improve the sustainability of this lifestyle

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