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OP shake with Coconut Milk

I am on SCD + OP, and have been having some issues with consuming the required 3000 calories on non-workout days (when I have the OP shake with full-fat organic milk which gives me additional 800 - 900 calories)

This is my previous post on this short-fall

I am thinking of having the OP shake on non-workout days as well, with organic milk replaced by organic coconut milk

This is the product on Ocado that I plan to buy

Coconut Milk 700 ml + 50 gms of whey protein (Optimum Nutrition 100% gold standard) + 30 gms of Almond Butter thrown in

I would still have the shake with milk just during/after workout (to elicit high insulin when muscles are most insulin-sensitive)

Please let me know your thoughts and if there are any flaws in my thinking

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Is there a reason you're not following the diet specified in Occam's Protocol? The diet for Occam's includes starches: "The meal composition is nearly identical to the Slow-Carb Diet, as are the tenets, though now we add a starch such as brown rice or quinoa to the non-shake meals." (Page 206)

If you're not going to add starches, my only advice is buy a lot more food :)


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