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4 hour people - READ ME!

We have about at 10000+ quality questions and tips related to "4 hour body" book and related topics in this site. In effort to maximize effort of many wonderful members that were helping others in this community, we have build 5 systems that should help you find what you are looking for easier and faster.

1. Instant search that you can use right on home page that is searching through questions and answers as you type. If you used google then you know how this works so I will skip explaining.

2. Voting and flagging - If you find something useful, please use votes to support best answers, say thank you to those that cared and keep relevant content on the top. Relevant question and tips with a most votes surface on the top of searches and hashtags pages, those with no votes, no answers and no love in general get deleted after 3+ months on the site. Those flagged (negative votes) even faster. Vote will also tell the system that you are interested in topic and notify you on your wall of new answers (you can always opt-out on your following topics page).

3. Hashtags and hastags menus on the right of every post there is hashtags menu, If you click on little edit button discovery "enthusio" algorithm is invoked and it will try to understand what is a post about, add appropriate hashtags and surface related questions and tips. As everything else automatic ti can always use some human love and that is where you come from. Please help to categorize all these posts and eliminate need for people to ask same questions over and over again. (More features related to this coming soon).

4. Duplicate suggest - as you are asking question duplicates are suggested - if somebody asked same question before, please click on title to the right, you might find that somebody already answered your question in the existing thread.

Have fun.


The Best Answer

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So... "before - afters" that nobody voted on will be deleted... Too bad, because that's the stuff everybody needs to stay on the wagon (or to actually jump on it).

Give us a chance to vote for them by giving us a chance to FIND them now. There are almost only old before/afters to find.

Thank you!

  • 4HourBod commented Jul 11th 2012:

    That is valid concern. You can see all of them under Unanswered link, if you are interested in helping out clearing that stack out, there is about 1000 left (and 3 months to go). Here is link: http://4hourpeople.com/noanswer.question/Unanswered

    As I mentioned before up votes (or better answer) saves it, negative votes marks it for cleanup, and if multiple moves it to trash. So far only stuff I saw pushed out where spammers selling stuff and rude replies. Again thank you for helping out.

  • ceco commented Jul 11th 2012:

    Those are of blog type (if posted correctly) - so that saves them. Not tips or questions. Also I think that it will be hard to find one that is posted 2 months ago and still without single answer or vote. If they have photo (most do), they usually get north from 50 votes in first 3 months.

  • CarmenCR commented Jul 11th 2012:

    Tried immediatly and would be happy to help out.

    Problem is that I am seeing only 50 posts in "unanswered" (or "new" or "active") and there is no possibility to get to older posts. No arrows or so to click me further back...

    At 4HourBody and Yes: I wouldn't have noticed but I know there must be some undetectable because mine (with fotos) is undetectable even if I type the exact headline in! And it even isn't unanswered...

  • Minnesota commented Jul 12th 2012:

    Carmen for your before an after you can go to your profile and click the tab "Questions" and you should be able to find yours. And I agree it's hard to find some before and afters even with the exact headline title simply because most people title their before and after with either similar or exactly the same titles.

  • 4HourBod commented Jul 18th 2012:

    Carmen, @"I am seeing only 50 posts". Each time you answer one next one will pop in from the bottom. Will look into adding pager in one of the next releases.

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