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Occam's Protocol Pull Down Question

Hello guys ive decided to start doing OP and i just did the A workout today. I have a bowflex (im guessing the lowest model) so it has tension rods instead of weights.

The shoulder press went well (60 on each side was my failure) but the pull down was confusing because even with the full 210 pounds (105 of each side) i could do em all without failure. Im not a very fit guy so i was in shock. I could be doing it wrong. Any insight?


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Lat pull downs are very important for scapula flexibility and back width. If the exercise is too easy for you I don't think that would be an indicator of you doing something wrong unless you have incorrect form. It takes years of doing pull downs to really isolate the lats and it requires a lot of focus. Make sure you aren't using your lower back to start the movement. Keep it locked and upright. Relax your back muscles until you feel a good stretch in your lats and then with concentration try and pull the weight down with your lats, not your biceps. Continue the movement as low as possible and then squeeze (flex) the rhomboids (the muscle between your shoulder blades). two of the biggest problems I come across while coaching are : 1. people use the lower back to build momentum 2. The biceps are engaged more than the back. If you close your eyes and make a conscious effort to pull with the lats eventually you will make a mind/muscle link and you will benefit far more from the movement. If the weight is still too light with perfect form at a 5/5 cadence then its not your fault. If you need any help let me know.

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