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Mental cheat day

So 6 weeks in, I find myself looking forward to cheat days less and less. I still have random pangs of "I want XYZ on my cheat day," but I find that 10 minutes into XYZ, I'm over it and don't want it. Cravings now only really exist in my mind.

  • J35 commented Feb 16th 2011:
    I know!!! I ate all the stuff I wanted (using saturday as cheat day) and had a little headache all day monday and just felt BLAHHH! now I am reluctant to indulge so much. But I also noted that in the book tim does say to drink heaps of water to help.


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I'm only two weeks in and I am already finding that... all week I am thinking about what yum snacks I am going to have on the w/e but once I get there - nothing really seems as good as what I imagine :(

  • vanessa commented May 21st 2011:
    I feel the same way, today ismy second cheat day, I had two chocolate areo eggs in my cupboard all week calling my name, i couldn't wait til today and when I ate one it wasn't as good as I made it out in my mind.

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Yeah I did mine today and it sucked. Wasnot near as enjoyable as i thought it would be. Just kind of feel like crap.


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I think this is kind of an important milestone. It happened to me too. The way I feel about it is that at first the cheat day seemed so great because I could reward myself with all this great food for my hard work that week and all would be well. But then all that food didn't really make me feel all that much better after I ate it. By week four or five I didn't really care so much about the cheat days anymore, but I also realized something important. I wasn't feeling the need to reward myself with food anymore. Now I am not saying that I stopped liking delicious food and I am not saying that I don't miss eating certain things, but some kind of disconnect happened after that month that changed the way I think about food. For me at least now I think more along the lines of "I feel great and I want to keep feeling this way" rather than "I worked hard this week and deserve a dozen donuts". However that is all just my feeling on the matter.


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Wow, I've only had one cheat day so far, and I found it was really relaxing but I felt like a bloated piggy throughout the day. I took photos of all my intake just in case I wanted to do a calorie count at some point ... and almost felt a little disappointed in myself when I reviewed them all - if I took booze out I don't think I really ate that much!

I think I find the "healthy" days more satisfying by the end of the day ... which makes me a little sad about future Going Wild days ... and I worry even more now after what you said that it won't really be that wild..... not to worry though - there's still a whole chapter on being super-human I haven't read yet - maybe that will give the buzz when cheat day withers.


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Same here,

From monday to friday I just want the cheat day to come.

On cheat day I dont really enjoy the "crap" food as much as I thought I would :S

On sundays I feel sick of all the food I had the day before.

I think its part of the law " we want what we cannot have / once we have it we no longer want it ".

It feels weird...



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I thought the same thing. I just finished my first cheat day yesterday. About half-way through, I remembered back when I was a kid and my dad caught me smoking. As punishment, he made me smoke cigarette after cigarette until I got sick.

Binge day felt the same way, like punishment.

My body says,

"You said you wanted a doughnut. Eat six and that will teach you!"

"You thought you wanted a slice of pizza. You're gonna sit and eat pizza until you learn your lesson!"


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Yeah, today is my cheat day and I've had a couple handfuls of Cheez-Its and a regular pepsi...

It's not exactly an episode of Man vs. Food.


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7th cheat day just over and I have to say that I still really enjoy them. I enjoy almost every food I am eating then. Whipped cream, cookies, cake, icecream, gnocchi, gorgonzola, sausages, bread, chocolate bars, black tea with milk... I eat them quite slowly now, really enjoying.

Interestingly it seems I had a real sugar low after my breakfast of banana-yoghurt with chocolate cereals, a big piece of cake, a piece of bee sting cake, two black teas with milk, a chocolate bar and a handful of jelly babies:

Just 4 hours after all this I SUDDENLY got VERY hungry and even the 10 min to prepare sausage for a hotdog where too long! I was shaking like not having eaten for a whole day. God, had I to absolutely eat something.

Isn't that crazy?! After all those calories in the morning?!


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The amount of food I've eaten/can stomach in total has gone down with each cheat day but I still absolutely love them.

While I can never stomach as much as I promise myself I'm going to eat, finally satisfying the bread/latte cravings is an awesome feeling, as is pigging out on chocolate and pastries.

It's important for me psychologically to know that I'm only ever 6-7 days away from satisfying a craving for a certain food/drink, and I do still really enjoy eating crap.

  • Dylan Tomlinson commented Jul 16th 2012:

    I think it does help with cravings and cheating because when you know there is a day when you're allowed to do it, you're less likely to do it during the week.

    I just get frustrated when I have a week where I lose four pounds and then I gain two of it back on a cheat day.

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