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On Chest Press,bulk-prepared recipes, biceps/triceps workout

A couple of my sticking points are the following. Would be great to hear some suggestions and advice

Chest Press

1) In OP, I always go for the Machine workout options. For me it helps in a better failure, because I don't have the fear of the weight falling on my body on the last rep.

For Day 2: Chest Press - There is a Smith Machine at my gym, but when I tried with the chest press (horizontal position, working to push the weights on two sides of the rod directly up against gravity), i see that when I push to failure, there was one time when I really couldn't even get it up at the last rep to the lowest notch on the safety notches, and had to actually yell to someone nearby to help.

So I settled for the Hammer Strength wide-gripped chest press :[url] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvqHi3xqXos[/url]

For this machine, I am trying to find out the best seat height. As I find it, initially the push is a little decline (and my hands are somewhat below my nipple level) , and then at the top of the range my hands come up at incline (and hands are somewhat above my nipple level). I am also seeing that I am using a lot more of shoulders (especially at the initial part of the motion, during the decline push), much more than the amount of shoulder muscles I was using in the Is this a good form - would be great if someone can point me to a youtube video that has an example of a good form.

I am also thinking if a Power Rack is a good option for this

Bulk prepared recipes:

To conform to SCD and make some savings at the same time, I am looking for some bulk preparable recipes. As of now, I have a lentil soup, that I make once a week in bulk and keep eating that for dinner. Any other helpful links for bulk-preparable recipes would be great

Bicpes and Triceps isolated exercise:

I have put into the OP schedule, addons : Day A : the reverse drag curl, Day B : Tricpes pushdown (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-LAMcpzODU)

I think my arms are proportionately thinner than rest of my bed - hence this addon

Given that biceps and triceps have lesser recovery time (that's what I have read here on the forum), and these are isolation exercises, is it okay that I do both on both Day A and Day B - or will that impede recovery of the muscles

Thanks for the feedbacks in advance


The Best Answer

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A ) I used machines for similar reasons until I realized that I wasn't optimizing the number of muscles I could be working. I'm all about efficiency. If I can bench 255 on a machine, but only 155 when using a barbell, then I'm having to engage a lot more muscles to get that weight up. I'm also having to use less so I don't crush my trachea. I encourage you to try lifting less with free weights/barbells.

If the machine is well and truly your preference, the best position is whatever is most comfortable for you. This will reduce shoulder and elbow stress. Do a warm up set and then a max set and see if you can feel that pull in your chest where you're used to. Adjust as needed based on where you're feeling the burn and how much work your arms are doing vs your pecs.

B ) Chili, split pea soup, slow carb meat loaf, hashes and stirfrys are all great options. Not in a place where I can put up a bunch of recipes, but I'll look at putting them on a blog for you later tonight/early tomorrow.

C) Pull ups/chin ups and dips are where it's at. All three exercises are great for working your biceps/triceps on top of other major muscles.

  • koolsome commented Jun 30th 2012:

    Thanks beaujac - that was really helpful. I think I will switch back to the free weight option with the Smith Machine - I totally get the point of using more muscles with free weight than on machine, even using lower weight. Thanks

    Will look forward to your seeing your recipe list


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