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Hi I have been on the diet for 3 days and was gettingworried this morning as I was bloated an actually put on weight. Thank you everyone for posting I felt better after reading the posts and hearing that women simetimes take longer for the diet to kick in. I must say I am feeling better though and have started reducing the amount of beans. Today I think the bloating is reducing so hopefully things will bet better now. I was wanting to know how good the kettle bell exercise is. What feedback do people gave about it. Is it as good as Tim says. I look forward to hearing about people's experiences using it.


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I guess it depends on how you measure good. I started it in week 4 (now on week 12) and couldn't do more than 15 reps at a time. This week, I did 100 reps without stopping. To be honest, it's as much a cardiovascular exercise as it is a muscle exercise. I thought I was in OK shape until I tried that kettle bell.

But is it good? I dunno. Most assuredly it is not bad. I never did any experimentation to determine whether it helped or not. It is good for your butt. It really works the upper back and shoulders, too. It really, really works your heart but just for a short spurt. I think it is an excellent addition to a cheat day so those carbs have somewhere to go other than your fat cells.


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Drink lots of water. I eat canned black beans with every meal most of the time. I never feel bloated except for cheat days. I actually feel great soon after meals, and I also think the beans help me feel satisfied between meals.


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Actually the suddenly increased amount of beans can be a problem for people who are not used to eat them regularly. (comes along with bloating and extra gain of water)

There are a few "tricks" to make them more digestible:

1) rinse them (even the canned ones) in cold water for a minute before cooking

2) let them soak in cold water for about 12 hours before cooking (whole, unprocessed ones)

3) the longer beans are boiled, the better they get tolerated.

The Bloating-Problem should be better in one or two weeks though, the intestinal bacterias have to get used to the unusal input.

Some probiotics like Sauerkraut or similar may also help.

To get rid of extra water stinging-nettle (i hope this translation is correct) tea is extremly helpfull. Also the usual tips like drink much water etc :)

  • Andrea Casabene commented Jun 20th 2012:

    Thanks it seems to be getting better already first 2 days I seemed to put on weight ( I know this is not a good measure but I only have my measurements taken weekly) yesterday I was showing a 1 kg drop and I can also feel it. This helps to keep me motivated early on

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