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Hey All, my name is Brian.

I have been working out on and off for the last year and a half with moderate/good results. However my biggest problem is dieting and for this reason I struggle to lost unwanted pounds around my mid-section. In the last year I have definitely notice a transformation in my body. My arms, legs and chest are more defined. But even with the increase in muscle mass and some body fat loss I still can not seem to loss the bulk of my weight which resides in my hips and abdomen. My ultimate goal is to lower my body fat percentage to between 7-10%. A friend turned me on to the book "4HB" and I have been reading through it the last couple of days. I found the book extremely informative and "4HB" made me look at dieting in a whole new way. Because of my struggles with losing body fat I am going to take the 30day challenge to first try and successfully obtaining six-pack abs and also to test out a new dieting technique. I hope to succeed with this challenge where I have failed with others.

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