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My name is Fred and I'll keep this short. I've struggled with weight issues my whole life, though I don't think I knew this until I was well into my twenties. I've been on the chubby side since I was a child and grew up into an overweight adult. It never bothered me and in most aspects of my life I'm happy. But having body image issues has a way of rearing its ugly head through both professionally and personally. I've also never been healthy or fit enough to do the things I want to do physically or look the way I want to look sartorially.

I tried the SCD last year and generated impressive results and I lost about 20 pounds in a month. Then I convinced myself I couldn't handle the focus dieting took during a stressful period at work and my weight came back. This is my second attempt, but after a month transitioning into the diet and a solid week of full SCD meals, I'm feeling good. I don't have the anxiety of failing anymore, because failure is only the instance when I give up. Until then, I'm making progress and I've had some pretty great results so far. Looking to keep it going. These are my starting stats:

Male, 26 years, 5 foot 5 inches

Weight: 217

BFP: 36

Waist: 47

My target is


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