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I am starting here.

Been perusing this community for a few days now and it seems like a good place to share and learn. To do my part, I'd like to post my measurements and progress in this thread and include my general thoughts on this journey.

I began transitioning into full SCD last week, last Tuesday exactly. For a few weeks prior I transitioned my breakfasts and many meals to SCD and started running. It's an obvious but very important lesson to learn; build momentum. In whatever way you can. This is something I've heard so many times from so many self-help products but this is the first time it's sunk in. And I think the difference now than before is that instead of thinking about how to do things, I just did it. First I started eating breakfast. Then I stopped drinking soda. Then I bought running shoes and started running. And now here I am, a full week into SCD, taking daily measurements and losing fat. Pretty cool.

Anyway, here are my measurements. This will only be for my weekly, pre-cheat day, morning measurements. I measure twice a day; when I wake up and before I go to bed. This might seem intense, but I like seeing all of the changes and am looking forward to my data as it gets more robust over time.

Pre-SCD Measurements:

Weight: 217

BFP: 36

Water: 52

Waist Inches: 47

First Week, Pre-Cheat Day Measurements:

Weight: 209

BFP: 34

Water: 49

Waist Inches: 46.5

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