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2 Weeks In - Training Question

Hi all,

I am two weeks in and all is going well, my GF has already said she is seeing the results which rocks.

I love the fact I am not feeling out of breath and bloated anymore however I have another issue, I have resurrected my training regime as I have signed up for a 12km charity run and I am super tired when I try and do CV.

I am running around 1.5km - 2km and have to stop as I really have no energy. I love the weight loss and the food I am eating however with no carbs it is really hard to train.

Does anyone have any suggestions for slow carb energy boosting alternatives?

Thanks for any help guys.


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Adding on to what the others have replied -it does take a little while to train your body to burn fat for fuel. (give yourself at least a month or so) Be wary of tuning to increased sugar/carbs at first (though SCD approved legumes are ok). I see way too many posts about starting to take in non-SCD carbs again so they can run.

For reference -I've been on SCD or Last Mile for almost 9 months now, and I am training for an Ironman, last week I trained for 18 hours (swim/bike/run/lifting/yoga) with no non-SCD carbs. It's doable and long term extremely beneficial.

  • R7ype commented Jun 13th 2012:

    Thanks man I am not going to resort to anything non SCD I just wanted to see if anyone had any tricks! I appreciate the answers and its super motivating to know you are training for an iron man on this regime it gives me hope for my measly 12k!

    Seriously though mate best of luck, it is a real commitment to sign up for the iron man let us know how you get on!

  • justingus25 commented Jun 13th 2012:

    Oh, one thing also to think about, most running training plans are for 3-4 runs a week, with one of them being the "long run." I would schedule that long run for the day after your cheat day, as you know then you should have a full tank for that run. In theory, anything less than about 1.5-2 hours shouldn't require additional calories while training, but once you get longer than that you may need to take in calories (via sports drink/gels/etc).

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Depending on how fat you are, you have enough carbs to run for days. I know I do and so I look at it that way. Are you out of breath or tired? There's a difference. Out of breath means you are out of shape. Tired could mean a lot of things.

I started out walking 20 minutes and was out of breath. When I got to the point where I could do an hour without being out of breath or tired, I started running. Wow, that was a whole different ball game. So I went to walking at an incline. I am now up to an hour at 12% incline (that's as high as my treadmill will go). I can do that at 130 bpm without getting tired or out of breath. I could go for hours at that HR. So I tried running again. Holy cow, still a whole different ballgame (much higher heart rate than my target of 130 bpm). So I am sticking to walking at 3.6 - 3.8 mph targeting 130 bpm.

So yesterday I wanted to see how long I could brian at 130 bpm. I did 65 minutes of walking targeting 130 bpm. Then 75 reps at 40 lbs on the kettle bell. Then sit-ups. Then 30 minutes on the elliptical targeting 130 bpm. Total training time of 1 hour 45 minutes. My legs gave out at the end of the elliptical. I had to eat a Quest protein bar in the middle to keep from falling over. That made the difference for me. I used to eat Zone bars but the 12g of sugar were too much so I switched to these Quest bars with 1g sugar and very natural.

My thoughts: let your body burn your fat for energy. Just keep the intensity low enough that you don't start breaking down muscle. I want to go harder (target 150 bpm) but my buddy says don't do it. Not until I get skinny. Running right now for me is out of the question. I made a bet with my buddy and the first guy under 200 lbs wins. I'm at 216 lbs. Running will not get me there faster.


  • R7ype commented Jun 13th 2012:

    Thanks Tomhole I appreciate the reply man, sounds like you have been working hard keep it up brother.


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You can try getting in some legumes. Black beans or lentils are good. Also, nuts are a good quick slow carb energy source, but don't eat too many at once. Perhaps 10 max per day as they are calorically dense and have fat, even though it is good fat enough of it can not be good.

Good Luck!

  • R7ype commented Jun 13th 2012:

    Thanks Akane I have been avoiding the nuts as I don't trust myself, they are like Pringles... once you pop you can't stop!

  • Maria Rider commented Jun 13th 2012:

    Make up a snack-size portion(like 8-10 almonds) and put ONLY that into your workout bag. Then after your workout just eat that and a nice big bottle of water. :) That'll be good to give you energy and satisfy that "after workout hunger". I say, if you don't have it near you, you won't abuse it. So, pre-portion and bring ONLY the amount you intend on eating, then savor it....and there ya go. :) Good Luck! (Oh, btw, I am a total snacker myself....I only limit myself to about 1 tbl of sunflower seeds and like 3 roasted/salted almonds A DAY. I KNOW I can overeat nuts if I let myself, so, I just portion it out.

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