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Need to re-arrange schedule, help!

So I was so anxious to get started with this SCD that I didn't take into consideration when the cheat day will be. My cheat day will be on a WEDNESDAY instead of a Saturday or Sunday. How do I get to it without destroying what i've done in such a short period of time? Any suggestions would be great!


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When did you start your first Slow Carb Day? You can go as little as 5 full days and as much as 9 full days before a cheat day.

So if you started on, what I assume was Thursday, last week, just keep it going until Saturday for your first cheat day, yeah it'll be longer, but at least you won't futz the progress.

Good Luck!

  • Nader Tohamy commented Jun 11th 2012:

    Thank you! I actually started on Wednesday of last week, so what i'll do is go until Thursday and cheat Friday, that way the following week I can go until Saturday! :) I can see images of Cinnabun in my sleep lol

  • Maria Rider commented Jun 11th 2012:

    Hahaha, yeah, I know that cinnabon craving, though eating one of those gave me that "punched in the stomach" feeling. :) One is enough for me. ;) Good Luck on surviving this week! Stay strong and get all the way to Friday, then you can reset it to be on Saturday where most people have their Cheat Days. Like, yours truly. :) You won't be disappointed in the results as long as you stick to it religiously!

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I have been adjusting my cheat day to coordinate with travel and social events, or to give me an extra day on rough weeks where I wasn't happy with my progress. For example, last week I was on travel and though I didn't cheat by eating bad stuff, I also missed a few meals while trapped in overlapping meetings (and what I did eat wasn't balanced well at times). At the end of the week, I just decided to add an extra day, and I met my weekly goal! This week I was supposed to have my cheat day today (Sunday), but I have a huge design review tomorrow and I know there will be a great lunch and probably a few treats, so I bumped my cheat day to Monday. Next week I am having lunch with a friend who has a tradition of bringing me cupcakes she makes for her kid's yearly bake sale, so that will be a 9 day SCD week, then I am planning to rotate my cheat day back to Saturday by the end of the month for Independence day parties!

As long as the results are good, you are encouraged to alter things to find a nice balance that works for you.

  • Maria Rider commented Jun 12th 2012:

    Work it, Seattle! Way to go on making the program work for you and still enjoy stuff. :) It's just getting back on it and continuing till the next one is the key. You can do it!! I did the cheat Day shuffle from Thanksgiving to New Years Eve and I ended up losing 14 lbs in that time. So, yeah, you can STILL enjoy the holidays and the food that goes with it and STILL lose weight. ;) Beat the odds! Make slow carbing the way you eat now! :)

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