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cheat day question

is it acceptable to have two cheat meals over the week instead of a whole cheat day? just curious because sometimes my schedule requires work dinners. it would be easier to just have the two dinners of choice rather than a full cheat day... but wasn't sure that would work with the diet?


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I have a different outlook on the whole concept. Can you stick to the plan at a work dinner? Get some delicious Salmon with salad, or a big steak with broccoli instead of potatoes. Stay away from the bread. Drink wine. Be merry.

Actually, I think we should all continue each day with the thought of a lifestyle change. So what if we stumble along the way. If we all failed some times, but stuck to the rules most of the time, we would all be healthier and lighter in the end. Do your best. Wake up every morning with good intentions, and you will lose weight in the long run. Hell, it took us our whole life to get overweight and unhealthy. you don't need to get down to your ideal weight tomorrow.

  • Maria Rider commented Jun 8th 2012:

    Totally agree with you there, DS!! Just don't stumble too often is all. If you can stay true to the lifestyle 85-90% of the week, then you're golden! :)

  • Douglas Sheehan Douglas Sheehan commented Jun 9th 2012:

    You got it Akane, and you're living proof. Well done.

  • Maria Rider commented Jun 14th 2012:

    But, I stay true 100% ;) That is, until maintenance, which isn't too far away! :)

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I find it easier to eat SCD at work dinners except for the alcohol. Just spent 2 nights in NYC. First work dinner was with my boss. Ate at Wolfgang's in Manhattan and had a lump crab appetizer, steak and broccoli and an expressso. Of course, I had a glass of red wine and a couple shots of tequila, too. Second night was lump crabmeat appetizer, Dover Sole and broccoli. I think it's almost easier to do SCD on travel because I don't have any snacks around.


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You COULD if the cheat days were a MINIMUM of 5 FULL SCD days apart. So, say, you had a cheat day on Sunday, then you would have to have Monday-Friday be SC days. Then Saturday can be your next Cheat Day. But, you can't cheat in that 5 days. Otherwise you'll never lose the water weight you gain from the previous one, which takes about 2-3 days, sometimes a whole week for some.

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