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New clothes dilemma

I did a search on this topic and found nothing. Maybe this is obvious. I am halfway to my goal weight of 185 lbs. I started at 254 lbs, so 35 lbs lost. More importantly, my clothes don't fit. Waste has gone from a 40 to a 36 and dropping fast. I was XXL in shirts and now I'm between an L and XL. Neck has gone from 18 1/2 to 17 1/2. I don't mind looking baggy for home, but I wear tailored suits for work. Hate to spend $700 now on a suit that won't fit in 3 months. I expect to hit a 34 in waist and Large size shirt.

So, do I just go to JosABank sale and pick up a couple of suits in the interim or could I get the ones I have tailored down to this mid size? Nice problem to have, but expensive.



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I agree with Arctic, get it tailored down. It's definitely a GOOD dilemma...but a dilemma nonetheless. I had to go through that too. Fortunately, belts work sometimes. But eventually the bagginess is not good. :) I prefer form-fitting clothes now. :)

  • arctichacker commented Jun 6th 2012:

    Especially since you have a hot body to show off those form fitting clothes :)

  • Maria Rider commented Jun 6th 2012:

    Hahahaha, my body is FAR from HOT....yet! Though I am actually starting to SEE my rib cage more often. It's just the darn, unsightly loose skin that really really turns me off. I KNOW my fit sexy bod is under all that..heck, I can see definition and muscles in my arms, just the darn bat wings that discourage me. :P I'm getting over wearing tops that cover my arms and trying to get more confident. Problem areas are: under my arms, under my bottom, between my thighs, and the common place, my stomach/ab area. I KNOW it will eventually spring back with time, but I wish that time went faster....ya know? I wanna wear that bikini NOW!! ;)

  • justingus25 commented Jun 7th 2012:

    I would add, that as I've lost over 85 pounds in the last few years, whenever I finally break down and buy new clothes because my weight stabilized, it seemed to trigger a new round of weight loss for me! Tailor what can be tailored (but the minimum that you can get away with in my opinion) -but buy yourself one or two new things, I have found that to be quite motivating (moving from XL, to L, to M, and now to S:) Or from my 44" to closer to 30-32" waist...

  • Maria Rider commented Jun 7th 2012:

    Congrats, Justin! That's totally awesome!! I lost all my weight over almost 14 months, so the clothes dilemma was really really tough for me and I was wearing baggy clothes for the longest time before buying like 1-2 pairs of pants and 1-2 tops every few months cause the other clothes just LITERALLY fell off of me. Now, I am determined to purge ALL clothes, even ones that are a "little loose" like the size 8-10s and trying to keep it at buying clothes closer to my size(currently a 5/6, and will probably be more like a size 4/5 when I am done). Oh happy day! :)

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I'd get them tailored down.

When you get to your goal weight then splurge for a super-spiffy new suit!

BTW, congrats on your awesome progress! :)


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Get a few suits tailored down for the moment. No point blowing a load of cash on something that will be useless in a very short time. I had a favourite suit tailored down for a wedding and even in the period between picking up the suit from the tailor and putting it on days later for the wedding there was a noticeable difference in the fit...


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Go to Marshalls or Burlington Coat Factory and get a suit that fits off of the rack. When you get down to the ideal weight you can go to JosABanks.


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I hate to say this but..

I don't know what your jacket size is, but chances are getting it tailored isn't going to make it fit better. If you only went down one size, like 44 down to a 42, then more than likely a good tailor can get it done. but if you're jumping down 3 sizes or more, then that's just going to look silly! Save the money, and just buy a new suit when you get to your ideal size.

If I were in your position, I would just buy slacks, dress shirts, and a couple button up vests. Summer is here, and to me, I'd rather wear a nice vest over my shirt and tie, than a blazer/jacket.

Just my personal thought. :)

  • Tomhole commented Jun 8th 2012:

    I think I'll go get some pants tailored down to 36". My shoes are a little big now too. And I can get my wedding ring off for the first time in about 10 years.

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