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Not enough exercise?

My daily exercise consists of 40 seconds of bicycle crunches, 20 push ups and 30-40 minutes of jogging(3 to 4 miles). Is this too little? Weekends are my rest days.

Please let me know your thought and experiences



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What sticks out here is that you say weekends are your rest days - but you should be resting your muscles on alternating days. So instead of pushups 5 days in a row, then taking two days off, it's better to do pushups every other day (MWFSun one week, T,TH,Sat the next).

The reason is that the workout tears your muscle fibers up a bit, then during the rest period they repair themselves. It's during that recovery period that the muscles actually grow. If you don't give them time to rebuild the fibers and grow, your workouts become a little counterproductive. In other words it's more effective to do less workouts spaced better during the week instead of your current pattern.

If you want to stick to working out Mon-Fri, then come up with a routine for MWF that works one set of muscles hard, and a different routine for Tues-Thurs that works a different set of muscles, like maybe squats and pullups.

Whether or not it's enough or too little depends on your fitness level. I like working one set to failure instead of being stuck on a number. 20 pushups might be to failure right now in which case it's enough - but in a month you might need to add more to get to the same point of pushing your muscles. For the jogging, look at doing HIIT instead of a steady pace if you aren't already.

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    Thank You for the reply! I will start doing a rotating schedule, do you do anything special for exercise on/before/after your cheat day to minimize impact? I do just the squats and a light jog for 20 minutes before dinner.

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