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Don't weigh yourself right before or during your period! I made this mistake today, and it felt frustrating that I had basically followed the eating plan all week, and the weight on the scale was the same number as last week. However, I just started my period yesterday, and women can have a water weight gain of anywhere from 2-8 pounds while they have their period. I would advise that you don't even weigh yourself around that time of the month - you'll be much happier!

  • Ruby commented Jun 20th 2011:

    I weigh myself without fail every day. The TOTM water weight was a little worrying (until I read up on it on this forum). But I want a complete picture of what my body is doing - I've turned into a complete science nerd, colour co-odinated pens and everything.

    The bonus of this is that I can never remember when my time is due, this way I get a 7 day warning :)


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I completely agree. I responded to another question talking about same period/water weight issue here.

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This is good to hear b/c I started this diet 2 weeks ago, but had such horrible stomach pains I stopped after the second day but I had lost 4.5 lbs in 2 days!!! I just re-started but have my period and I'm on day 3 and haven't lost anything. I couldn't figure out why. Thanks for the advice. I'll wait another couple days to weigh myself:)


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Tis is all great but since starting 4HB my body has decided to start menopause so I am not having my normal period last month had an extra 3 weeks without and didn't lose anything the whole time. Lost a few more and here we go again this month so anyone have any suggestions or ideas would love to hear them

  • Ruby commented Jun 20th 2011:

    Have you tried herbal water retention pills? 100% natural and they work a treat!


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Great question. I'm new to the site this week. All women are different in terms of carry extra water weight during that time of the month. I, unfortunately, am one of those women - 3 to 7 lbs of water weight. I can't weight myself around my period because it gets in my head psycologically and throws off my momentum. So I stay off the scale completely during this time of the moenth.


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I totally forgot about that this morning, and when I stepped on the scale I was up 2lbs. Now I know why :P

(Could possibly also be because I cheated and had half a donught at a work function last night too :( )

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