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Hey I need some help. I just started doing this after having what alcoholics like to call a moment of clarity! I have been doing this for a week and am down 10lbs! I need any and all suggestions on how to keep this weight shedding off of me. Also what workout should I get on I want to lose my mid section and tone down my thighs and butt. Thanks for the help before pictures to come soon!


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Have you taken your measurements? Don't expect rapid weight lose each week. I believe a guy your size can lose 3 pounds a week on average, realistically. Eat your SCD meals, and stick to educating yourself each day about the diet. Enjoy your cheat days. Slowly add the workouts suggested in the book, but they are not necessary for weight loss. This should be a life changing situation for you. Just take it one day at a time. You're off to a great start.

  • GillisJP commented May 29th 2012:

    No I haven't taken measurements yet. Waiting on tape measurer. As for the workouts I have always been a strong guy but never done any kettle bells. Could any workout do? I have tons of the from football and also how long should the workouts be? Only an hour? Thanks for the help

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Make sure to keep your goals realistic - we typically lose much more weight in the first week, don't expect to lose 10lbs a week. 1-2 a week is more common once the first water weight drops off. I'm a big believer in the kettlebells, planks and cat vomit exercises. Those were the first ones I introduced and I've added variations and other things since then but they're still the foundation of everything for me.

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