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Finally Broke the Plateau

So, in a previous post, I explained that I'd plateaued after losing about 8-10 pounds over the course of several weeks of SCD. In the period immediately following that post, despite never wavering from the SCD at all, I managed to actually steadily gain weight from week to week. You can imagine, this caused quite a lot of hand-wringing and panic, as I'm still a ways off from my goal.

I made a few changes, based in no small part upon things I've read on this helpful forum and some sage advice I received from other 4HB folks, both on this forum and elsewhere.

1. I stopped eating four times a day altogether. I now eat three meals a day, period.

2. I stopped timing my meals altogether, and dramatically reduced the amount of time and effort spent measuring and calculating and synchronizing my intake. In other words, I'm taking it a lot easier now.

3. I switched vegetables - I'd gotten into the habit of eating spinach as my go-to veggie, and it just wasn't doing the job. Frankly, I'd need to eat acres and acres of spinach to keep up with the protein requirements of this diet. I switched to steamed broccoli, about a cup per meal.

4. I upped the protein content of my breakfast considerably. Breakfast is now my big protein meal, sometimes as much as 40 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking.

5. I made significant changes to my water intake. I now consume something like 4+ liters of water a day.

6. Beans and red wine are virtually gone from my diet. Sauerkraut and kimchee are 100% gone.

7. No more AGG or PAGG.

8. My cheat days are a lot less like frenzied gorge-fests. I still cheat, but in moderation and usually only 1 or 1.5 meals.

Not all these changes came along at once. For example, the amount of protein consumed at breakfast has steadily changed, as I've noticed that front-loading a lot of protein helps me control hunger and helps to ensure I get enough protein each day. And beans and fermented veggies have just evolved their way out of my diet as I've found they just don't help or hurt one way or another. And finally, the only thing AGG/PAGG seemed to do to me was cause extreme constipation. That's based on the observation that, when I took a week off from the stack and made no other changes I was regular, and when I resumed the stack I was not. So there. Since stopping the stack (after these observations), I've remained regular.

The result? I've lost about 4.5 pounds in the last 2 weeks - moderate results, but results nonetheless. I literally went 4 or 5 whole weeks where I actually steadily gained weight, so seeing the needle tick in the other direction is a huge relief. The water intake seems to have been the turbo boost to all of this - I really can't stress enough how strongly I feel that making this huge increase to my water consumption really triggered the turnaround. Needless to say, this is something with which you'll need to be careful, as too much consumption of any liquid can be dangerous. I don't pound bottles of water, nor am I drinking uncomfortable amounts of liquid at any point. I simply always keep a liter bottle of water with me and drink from it regularly, and when it empties I refill it.

Anyway, I hope this helps. I can give more details if folks are curious.

Thanks again to those who offered advice and wisdom. I really needed it and it really helped.


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Plateaus can indeed be puzzling and a real hand-wringer, as you say! But I read over and over that almost everyone deals with it at some point(s), so I am pretty convinced it's just a necessary part of the process. A "breather" for the body, if you will.

You are SO smart to stick with it through that, and make changes and track those changes and their results!! This is so helpful for you but also to many, many others in the same boat.

That needle is indeed now ticking in the right direction, so your diligence has certainly paid off. Congrats, chrisburneko!!! Way to go!!


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