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Tomatoes ok and not carrots? Why??

How come the SCD allows tomatoes but bans other produce, such as carrots? Here's why I'm asking: The SCD tries to curb your sugar/carb intake, lowering your glycemic index, inducing ketosis, burning fat, etc. etc. Thus you'd have to agree one of the best nutritional data to keep track of for any food in the SCD (besides protein content) is the Estimated Glycemic Load Index published in NutritionData.com. It tells you right there what's the impact of a particular food in your blood sugar levels. To my point, tomatoes have an estimated glycemic load of 3 for 1 cup, while carrots have 2 for the same amount.

See the proof here:

Carrots --> http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/vegetables-and-vegetable-produc...

Tomatoes --> http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/vegetables-and-vegetable-produc...

I love that tomatoes are part of the diet, they're a super versatile food, but why discriminate against other foods with a lower Estimated Glycemic Load Index? Help please!


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I treat them both as "in moderation" food, not a daily eat all you want sort of thing.

The best thing about this way of eating though is that you're encouraged to experiment and see what works for you. There's not a 4HB overlord who will smite you down if you eat carrots. Try it, and if you are happy with your weight loss don't sweat it. If you start to stall, that would be one of the items to try dropping.

I've done lots of experimenting. For me, goat cheese in my salad doesn't seem to be a problem, which is awesome. Sadly though it turns out that chocolate bunnies do stall me. Bummer - but it was worth trying.

  • Johann Trojer commented Mar 8th 2013:

    yeah bummer on the bunnies :-(

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I wouldn't sweat it about carrots. I eat them. Not every day, and not mountains of them at once, but I even throw minced carrot into my chili (along with minced cabbage and celery) to stretch it and get more nutrients. (Whole, organic carrots, mind you, not the bizarre little sucked-dry-of-nutrients-via-processing "baby" carrots.)

If I stay fat because of eating carrots, I will also eat my hat.


And it doesn't look at all like I'm going to stay fat, because I've been doing SCD for a year and have dropped 52 lbs so far.

  • Dilek Kelid commented Aug 6th 2012:

    love your comment about the hat - made my day :)


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Since when are carrots banned? Did I miss that? The "a bag of carrots will hit you like a donkey kick in the stomach, so don't binge" has led me to having a few if I get a little hungry in between SCD meals...

  • Johann Trojer commented Mar 8th 2013:

    we call carrots "lent chocolate"


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Wasn't all he saying that eating a lot of carrots make you feel like you got kicked in the gut by a horse? Seriously, there is absolutely no reason not to eat them (other than the above).

  • Pierrebuz commented Dec 21st 2012:

    I just checked your link. They have a glycemic load of 0.


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the lists of foods he gave was just a "for example" list...the things he uses most. but don't limit yourself to just those veggies...there are so many out there! minus yams...they are just flamboyant potatoes :(


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All veggies are allowed, carrots are vegetables so they are allowed.

Tomatoes are a fruit- hence Tim clarifying that they are ok.

  • Chris Montone commented Jan 16th 2013:

    Not all veggies are allowed, especially potatoes

  • Mattias Pettersson commented Mar 12th 2013:

    in 4 hour chef, that is supposed to be 4 hour body compliant (except for the desserts) sweet potatoes shows up from time to time in the recipes. I've actually taken that as a "ok, sometimes" - but they seem to be better "glycemic"-wise if cooked rather than 'fried'.


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I eat carrots and I am losing weight. If carrots are my nights veg, I eat a ton of them not a couple of them.

  • Ashleigh Fiddler commented May 15th 2013:

    that's good to hear,i had a bag of roasted baby carrots last night. now i'm hearing they're maybe not a great idea... i was kicking myself. Sneaky.

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