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Hi everyone!

This is my first question and I look forward to hear what you have to say about my dilemma.

I'm 26 years old, 175 cm and 74,8 kgs. I started SCD:ing three weeks ago and have lost about 1 kg.

I'm an executive at a company and I often find myself in situations where being a pain in the ass with my diet would be really uncomfortable. Take yesterday for example when our CEO had us over to his summer house to have meetings all day;

4 am: Waking up.

5 am: one boiled egg, a few pieces of chicken with veggies

6 am: Boarded my flight and said no to regular breakfast

10 am: crazy hungry but didnt want to eat any of the conferene snacks such as pastries, candy or fruit. Had a preboiled egg that I had in the bathroom! Felt sick about myself. Eating in a bathroom!

1 pm: lunch. Smoked lox with veggies and sauces. Not enough to fill me up while being polite about serving sizes so I had a smallish piece of bread and a potatoe. Felt bad.

6 pm: dinner. Grilled steak with veggies and sauces. Semi SCD approved meal.

My issue is that it took all my willpower to do this and I thought more about food than my work. I also obsessed about this day two weeks in advance because I knew I'd have no control over my intake. It turned out pretty ok but what if there was no protein rich source served and I'd have to have pie or something really bad? I need a way to get throught dinners and social events without feeling bad or giving up my diet.

What do you guys say, have any of you had the same experience or have any advice for me?

Thanks for being a great support to my new lifestyle!


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Instead of telling them you're dieting, you could also try "I've been having blood sugar issues."

For some reason people can get weird and judgmental about weight, but put it in medical jargon of any sort like it's a nonweight health concern and they back right off.

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I don't have too much to add. The best advice I think is to plan your cheat days around events like this as much as possible. I'm also not one to say "I'm on a diet!" At work, I've been telling people that I've cut back on carbs at lunch because I don't get that afternoon 2 pm nap feeling (which is true). Also, don't feel guilty about doubling up on veggies instead of the starch option. I've made it through a few work dinners by discretely asking the waiter to do so. If I'm pointedly asked at dinner why, I just say "oh digestion problems; carbs have been bugging my stomach lately; they make me feel bloated/nauseated/etc" (which again is true - as that's how I feel on cheat days, but bloating doesn't diminish deliciousness). These rationales are also what keeps me on the diet more as a lifestyle change than a diet - because I really do feel better with a meat/veggie/no carb standard meal. Also, if you do have your cheat day with your work colleagues around, then they really won't be able to figure out that you're dieting. I'm always surprised how others can derail your diet or make you feel guilty for being on one - which is why I prefer not to advertise that I'm on one.

  • Clandi commented May 17th 2012:

    This is so true Sarah,

    why should you even have to explain yourself?! In my case I felt bad for helping myself to too much of the expensive part of the meal (smoked salmon) while not touching the potatoes etc. However, if I would have planned my cheat day to this very specific event where the CEO invited us to dinner at his home, I wouldn't have had any problem at all. And I've been swapping starch for veggies at restaurants for ages so people already laugh about me about being a nuance. The only real change now is that I'm more "extreme" than I used to be.

    I also like your advice about saying that I've had problems with carbs since this is not a diet but a lifestyle. At least that makes me reduce the number of explanations I'll have to do for the nearest future :)


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Clandi, couldn't you have planned to have that meeting day be a cheat day?

I'd suggest going through your calendar and looking at all the days that are likely to be like that one, and/or travel days, and for those that seem too full of social/business obligations, mark those as being planned cheat days. As long as you have at least 5 days between them that are SCD, you'll be just fine. When our winter holiday season was approaching, I looked at Oct, Nov and Dec and marked all the special days (birthdays and such) as cheat days and then where there was a really long stretch between two, I chose another in between and marked that as a cheat day as well. I sailed through the holidays, still losing, and not deprived of any parties etc. The whole 3 month period even had fewer cheat days that it would have had if I had continued with each Saturday being one, as it was the whole time before that season.

I even did an 11-day stretch of non-SCD once. It wasn't all-out "cheating" because I would have felt half-dead, but I really relaxed my own restrictions for those days. The net result was a gain of 8 lbs, 7 of which were gone the first week back on SCD. (YMMV! Not suggesting everyone go off for 11 days!)

After you have more weeks and months under your (ever looser!) belt, you will not sweat these situations as much. It's the long view that counts with this.

That said, if you are able to equip yourself with a tote of some sort containing some almonds, walnuts, pouches of ready-to-eat tuna, or beef jerky, you'd at least have a little something on hand to prevent being ravenous. It sucks to eat in a bathroom, but we do what we can in our quest to feel good, physically and emotionally.

Good luck!

  • Clandi commented May 16th 2012:

    This makes great advice! I will remember to plan my cheat days when I know it will be difficult to stick to the plan!


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Hi Clandi,

I feel your pain.

I'm in the middle of a series of meetings throughout the ASEAN region, and am staying in hotels where there are endless croissants and pastries and other scrumptious foods being served all the time.

I can't even do the 30 in 30 (30g of protein in 30 minutes) requirement after waking up, because my colleagues and I must have breakfast meetings together. When I'm at home, I wake up, immediately gulp down a pill in my PAGG stack, and eat my pre-prepared SCD breakfast right away. When travelling, I need to fix up and dress into my business attire before going downstairs. I doubt my colleagues would appreciate me unwashed and with my hair a nest.

Plus, with the meals, I'm certain that most of the sauces being used in the meats are not slow carb. (I can taste the sugar and other banned items in it, strange enough! Three weeks of SCD diligence made me notice these things.)

Yesterday I turned down a bowl of noodles in a Chinese restaurant. The managing director of the region looked at me as if I had grown an extra organ on my face. :( "Whaaa? Why, are you on a DIET?" I had to mumble out a response.

I cheated a little this lunch time, because a business partner offered me a taste of her green tea ice cream. I succumbed. Sigh. Even the coffee being served doesn't have cream only--milk is the only option. Sigh! Black it is.

But still, there are some principles to remember to ward off the starvation. Have your high protein breakfast! It helps a great deal. Earlier, I had tons and tons of cold cuts, chicken sausages, and a proper omelette. That kept me well fed until lunch time. Instead of just a boiled egg, etc. before your flight, you should have completely chowed down on allowable foods.

What also helped is when external people comment on my eating habits, I explain that I generally eat way too much in the dinner meetings, so I try to keep it balanced. Creativity is key. Haha!

What's keeping me patient, however, is that Friday, my usual cheat day, is another meeting day! Woohoo! That means I can completely pig out on all the hotel offerings--I'VE BEEN EYEING THOSE DAMNED WAFFLES!

  • Clandi commented May 16th 2012:

    Thank you for your reply! I think it's also important to remember that doing what both of us do is better than what we usually do i.e. binge all day on nasty (lovely!!) hotel breakfasts, having candy and cake at coffee break and then have some extra chocolates or desert for the three course dinner with wine. We are doing good, even if it sometimes feels like you struggle for nothing when you are served non SCD foods that you haven't chosen yourself.


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Great post - I think a lot of us can relate to this situation!

This is very similar to something that was covered in a previous thread, about dealing with pressure from people to eat non-SCD. As a member of the business world, I can totally relate to the pressure to eat what/when everyone else is.

I'd suggest bringing your own lunch to the meetings, and when they bring out the non-SCD lunches just whip yours out too. If anyone asks (like they probably will) about it, just pat your stomach and tell them you're working on your six pack (or flat stomach). Usually people give you funny looks if you're not participating in a group lunch because of a "diet", but using words like "six pack" or "killer abs" that bring to mind a healthy image tend to make people perfectly ok with your choice. If it helps, you can also scan the lunch offerings to see if there's any SCD compliant food (veggies w/ dip, just don't take any dip) and help yourself to those freely, allowing you to participate in some degree to what the group is having.

It sounds like you put a lot of thought into how to handle this and you did a great job, based on your situation. Kudos! =)

  • Clandi commented May 16th 2012:

    Hi everyone!

    Thanks for you support! I'm amazed that I could throw out a question like this and get such great response from this community!

    I will keep this in mind when the situation comes up again which it probably will pretty soon. It's hard to turn down generosity and I think especially when people feel a little bad about themselves if you point out that you're on a diet. I'm also often the youngest and the only woman among my group so I hate to make another issue about myself but then again, saying that I'm working on my killer abs might just do the trick as well as planning cheat days on especially tricky/ socially difficult days.

    Also grounding with a great breakfast will probably make it easier to decline non SCD foods later in the day. Thanks again!

  • Spleeny Zambonius commented May 17th 2012:

    Hi Clandi, same situation here. I'm also the youngest among my peers, so it gets deuced awkward explaining the health thing.

  • Clandi commented May 17th 2012:

    It very weird for me because half of the time I manage about 600 people (and that's when I never explain myself and just do whatever I want) but that also includes being on the company board and that's when I usually opt for blending in. This is not a giant issue but just like you Alleluia I want a sustainable way of not having to excuse or explain myself...or eat an egg in a bathroom! :)

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