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Day after cheat day gain?

Let me start by saying I'm in no way discouraged, just a bit curious to see if anyone else experiences this. My first two weeks have gone pretty well, dropping between 6-7lbs or so. After my first cheat day my weight went up about 2lbs, and after the following day (a strict SCD day) I noticed my weight increased another .5lbs until the following day when it started melting back off.

Another week, same story. I gained around 1.5lbs on my cheat day (Sunday) this week as of my Monday weigh-in, and today I'm up another .4lbs. I'm confident this will drop back down tomorrow, but is anyone else seeing this trend? I'm curious if we can figure out what's causing it.


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This happens to me as well, Cheat Day is Saturday and I routinely continue to increase through Tuesday, or sometimes I'll drop a little Monday and Tuesday then spike again Wednesday. I have only had 3 weeks where I gained from the previous week, one was when I was still drinking a protein shake for breakfast; another I can't explain why I gained that week (My cheat day that week was on St. Patricks day, lots of beer consumed, but not huge amounts of food?) And most recently my gain-back was after I went on a trip to see a friend and did 2 pig-out cheat days, so I expected to gain.

So yes, I also continue to gain sometimes until Wednesday, but almost always lose that and more by the next Saturday.

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Yep. I monitor my weight a few times day, and I can say for certain that weight tends to go up after cheat day. For me it tends to stabilize somewhere in the evening of day after cheat.

Keep in mind that "24-48 hours after cheat day" is 3 days, right? The morning after cheat day isn't 24 hours since cheating. So Sat cheat, 24 hours is Monday am.

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