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Grass fed beef?

So I'm making my weekly stop at Costco today, and was just curious if anyone had an opinion on their Kirkland 85/15 grass fed ground beef. I typically try to go for leaner cuts of beef but because it is grass fed does that make the higher fat content less relevant?

I would also appreciate any other opinions on grass fed beef and it's benefits?



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The fat of grass-fed beef contains Omega 3's and is very good for you, as opposed to regular beef which does not and contains harmful chemicals. So paradoxically, if you want to eat lean beef then it makes no real difference which you choose, because it's the fat in grass-fed meat that is very good for you.

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I have bought both grass-fed 85/15 and regular 85/15 beef. The grass fed tastes a little better I'd say, but is almost twice the price. When I think of all the things I eat under the SCD, I don't think having two grass-fed burgers a week versus two regular 85/15 burgers really makes a difference health wise. In addition, I just have this feeling that I would be wasting money on an unproven theory.

  • Wil Moushey commented May 15th 2012:

    I agree with you. I just went with the regular beef. I decided if I am ever absolutely craving a good grass fed steak, I will just go to whole foods and splurge. Thanks!


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Tim has said in his book that when eating beef, you should try and go organic or grass fed. I think the reason is because in regular beef, the higher fat content has more hormones and different antibiotics that is stored in the cow's fat. I think this can disrupt your own body's hormones. Grass fed cow's tend to be leaner and lower in saturated fat. I personally think it's even better because it is more humane and flavourful. I hope this helps!


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I choose grass fed because the animals are raised humanly, free to graze. Not standing ankle deep in their manure on some feedlot. Grass fed cattle is not susceptible to e-coli. Corn fed causes an environment in the cattle that put them at risk for e-coli. Cattle are ruminants, never meant to eat grains ie: corn

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