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to lose or not to lose that is the question!

Well I have been doing this 4 hour body for a week and a half and I feel like my body is changing. My stomach feels less puffy and my face has slimmed but the scales havnt registered a change.

My day looks like this:


3 eggs omelette. ( cooked with butter)


Red beans tuna and broccoli


Chicken breast plus thigh and broccoli.(from a bbq chicken)


Handful of unshelled peanuts.


Handful of pine nuts.


I have been drinking diet coke probably 600mls a day.



I walk 20 -30 mins a day.


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First, 3 eggs is between 18 and 21 grams of protein; you're falling a tad short of 30. It may seem weird, but add some meat do your breakfast. I have 1/4 lb of steak tips w I ith 2 eggs & wilted spinach, it seems a lot at first, but you adjust to it. The alternative is 5-6 eggs. Yowza. Also, try adding in some greens - I also found this strange, and I don't think I could stomach anything other than the wilted spinach first thing in the morning. Just a suggestion.

My second comment is that a whole chicken breast (interpreted as one of two boobs, hehe) PLUS the thigh, is kind of a lot for one meal. I would cut back to just the breast.

The nuts may be whats slowing you, their a trigger food for most people and are easily over-consumer, I try to keep them to cheat day strictly, same with nut butters. I suggest eating your chicken thigh with broccoli as a second lunch instead of snacking.

Lastly, and I know you knew it was coming, and that you don't want to hear it; but ditch the diet coke. I know Tim says it's ok, but remember that he's already at his goal weight - I assume you're not. Kick that habit, it will be difficult, but worth it.

Other notes - make sure you're consuming at least 3 liters of water a day MINIMUM. And keep your legume consumption below 1 full cup, and above 1/2 cup, that seems to be the magic range. Play with it from week to week to see what works for you. I also suggest getting a good nights sleep EVERY night. Black out curtains are AMAZING and very much worth the ~$50 per window. If you can get enough sleep per night that you wake up without an alarm clock this would be optimal, I'm actually going to experiment with this myself this week to see how it works; which will require I go to bed around 7pm since I get up at 4:30am.

Best of luck and let me know how any changes work! :)

  • marymay commented May 13th 2012:

    Awww you are amazing! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou! Gosh drinking that much water seems crazy and I just don't think I can to it Haha

    Ok too much meat at one time so split it into two meals.

    Do you think its best to eat beans at lunch?

    Giving up the diet coke is hard but maybe I can do soda or mineral water? Yeah nuts are not helpful are they. There is no avoiding coming off the sugar addiction hey.... Like using nuts to help get me over needing some kind of fix is the same as having a spoonful of sugar really isn't it.

    I cant believe how strong the sugar addiction is.....

    Im determined to lose and see the changes but i need something to replace the snacking maybe I can use drinking water hmmmm

    Thanks Gorgeous x

  • Rocky commented May 13th 2012:

    I actually drink between 6 and 10 liters (nalgenes) of water a day. This sounds nuts, but I just sit and sip water all day at work (desk job). Yes, I pee constantly.

    I eat all my beans in one sitting at lunch #1 ~10am, roughly 5.5hours into my day. Yes, beans with lunch is ok - others will tell you to eat half your daily beans with breakfast, I can't do it.

    I recommend giving up all soda completely even on cheat day for a minimum 2 weeks - this will break the addiction. I did it for a month when I first started the diet - it was tough, but it worked. And YES, your nut fix is like your daily spoonful of sugar - as is your diet soda - how very enlightened of you to see it that way! Now fix it! ;)

    When you think you need a snack, chug some water and fill your belly!

  • marymay commented May 13th 2012:

    Hmmm ay yi yi! Its tricky. I feel like being full of water is such a horrible feeling but sipping is probably very smart. You need a hat with straws like those beer hats Haha.

    Ok will try the changes. Youre the best :D

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