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Is this plan ok for me: F/47/106lbs?

Hi there!

I need to know if this plan is ok for someone who is normal - lower weight but who still wants to live a healthy lifestyle. I have dieted & exercised all of my life and am tired of constantly feeling hungry just to remain "thin". The appeal of this diet is that it sounds healthy without having to starve.

I am into week 3 with no results as of yet. I'd appreciate whatever advise is out there and Thanx!



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I don't see why you can't follow the slow carb eating plan (note that I did not say diet). I am now pretty close to my target weight and I still follow the slow carb plan with some minor modifications. Like you, I want to improve my body composition without losing too much more weight. Indeed, in the last few weeks I have not lost much weight at all, but I am still seeing some positive physical changes.

  • roxymuzic commented May 15th 2012:

    Thanx, I appreciate the input! I'll keep on (week 4 now) and just monitor how it goes.

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Hi! You need to provide more information before we can begin to help you. First - what are you goals? What results are you looking for? Second, what are you eating and how much are you exercising? If you've been on this 3 weeks, then at the very least you shouldn't be feeling hungry and should have more overall energy.

  • roxymuzic commented May 14th 2012:

    Alrighty - What I want from this lifestyle is to build lean muscle, burn fat, and not feel hungry all the time. The appeal of this "diet" for me is that you don't have to starve to get results.

    I walk 4 miles/day (1 at 10am, 1 at 3pm, 2 after dinner) approx 15 mins/mile. I use 1 lb wrist weights during my evening walk and do various arms exercises. I have added doing 20+ mins of Dance Central (kinect) after I get home from my evening walk.

    Eating is:

    breakfast - one hardboiled egg or one fried egg w/ eggwhites with salsa and 2 T greek yogurt. If I have it, I also drink 1/2 c milk before I have coffee in the morning.

  • roxymuzic commented May 14th 2012:

    Lunch - leftovers from the night before of our slow-carb meal (protein, beans and veggies) over broccoli slaw plus 1/2 avocado.

    Snack - approx. 2 T peanutbutter or 2 stalks celery w/ 1 T peanut butter

    Dinner - Slow-carb meal (protein, beans and veggies) 2 T guacamole, tapatio &/or balsamic vinegar. We mix up the slow-carb options every night, sometimes fish, chicken, beef, pork, some sort of can of beans or lentils, spinach or chard & broccoli or cauliflower w/ onions either roasted or wilted in the pan. I love mushy peas as an option and also mashed cauliflower.

    2 glasses wine, usually red, after exercising and rehydrating

  • roxymuzic commented May 14th 2012:

    I am just shy of 5'3", weight is between 105-109 consistantly, but I wonder if I'm in the "skinny-fat" category. I have exercised my whole ife (gymnastics as a kid, aerobics & yoga for 20+ years). My exercise is now walking because of back issues so I am limited somewhat.

    Thanx, All!


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I am guessing you need to eat more fat. What does a normal day/week of meals look like for you? Have you read any of Gary Taubes stuff?


  • roxymuzic commented May 14th 2012:

    Great, altho long, article. It is sad what has happened since the early 80s. It is also sad that the medical community cannot see the need to investigate the low-carb diet as healthful and not artery clogging. Makes you wonder and distrustful of both the government and doctors in general. =\


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I honestly don't know if it's the best for you. It depends on your goals. This diet is designed to burn excess fat while building muscle. You are already in the medically underweight category (I think I saw a previous post where you said you were 5'3"?), and this way of eating isn't designed for that. So if you are looking for the scale to go down more, then I'd say no. On the other hand, if you are looking to add muscle and aren't worried about the numbers on the scale, then I'd say yes, this would probably be a great option.

I admit I don't fully understand the mindset you have if you're underweight and feeling like you are hungry all the time - my first instinct is that you just need to eat more. But I don't know what your goal is. You said you are three weeks in with no "results" yet - maybe you can be more specific about the results you are hoping for.

  • roxymuzic commented May 14th 2012:

    I suppose the easiest way to answer "what are your goals" is to say that I want to maintain a healthy weight without starving. In my 3 weeks (now 4) I can't say that anything has changed. I am still at my same weight, and don't appear any more lean (I think I might be considered "skinny-fat" but I'm not sure).

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