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Should I start with PAG (Green Tea coming in 2 weeks)


I ordered for my PAGG pack and everything except Green Tea Extract has arrived.

GTExtract arrives in 2 weeks time, since it is being shipped from USA to london.

Can i start with the ones I have in teh mean-time? These are not supposed to produce result together, right?


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While the effects of each complements the results of the others, they are not dependent on each other. If you feel that you want to get at least a small amount of the EGCG then try drinking a couple of cups of unsweetened green tea each day.

  • koolsome commented May 14th 2012:

    Thanks, started with PAGG. Will post results and updates soon.

    I also started with Occams Protocol, but doing PAGG with it. Any comments on this?

    Also, i read up on a couple of websites that decaffeination takes out most of the potency of the EGCG from green tea extract. I opted for the Decaf Mega Green Tea Extract that Tim suggests in the book. Any comments?


  • vrenlos commented May 14th 2012:

    I've been considering Occam's Protocol, but I want to try without for a little while longer to see how my weight/fat loss continues first. Once I establish a reasonable trend in my data then maybe I'll start playing with it.

    As for the green tea extract, I have the same one. If you do some searching around it looks like most of the decaf products available do have a significantly lower amount of EGCG, but the mega green tea extract (if labels are to be believed) containts 326.25g per capsule.

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