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Need Advice!

Ugh, I'm stuck! The last two weeks have been pretty difficult for me to stick with the SCD. I need some motivation! I enjoy the workouts but the diet is the hardest part for me. My question is: how do you get back at it? I feel like I don't know how to start again. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated:)


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Hi Div11Diva!!

I think you just need to ask yourself why you want to go on the SCD Lifestyle. Cause really it is a lifestyle, not just a diet. It's a NEW way of eating and something that is totally sustainable for life. I think once you've really planted that seed in your mind that sticking to this lifestyle is what you want to do, then, the motivation will follow. The fat will burn off your body, you will lose weight, and feel great!

If you need more visual motivation....


I'm a 43 year old Mom of 2, I started the Slow Carbing LIfestyle on 4/18/11 at 5'2" and 247 lbs. As of last week, I've lost 114.8 lbs, 66.5" and probably well over 30% body fat. :) I weigh 132.2 lbs :) Trust me, it works. You just have to go into it 100% strict and it WORKS! It's so easy once you get into the flow and you can't beat the cheat day. :)

Good Luck!

  • Div11Diva commented May 14th 2012:

    Thanks, Akane! Your progress is truly inspiring! And I think you're right, I need to look at the SCD diet as a lifestyle. That is where I am struggling but I am definitely going to try again this week. I really do want this! Thanks again for the support! Would you mind checking in on my progress? I think I need an accountability partner:)

  • Maria Rider commented May 14th 2012:

    Oh, btw, I weigh 129.8 lbs now. :) And have lost 70" :) Still working!

  • Div11Diva commented May 16th 2012:

    Congrats! That is so inspiring!

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I recommend you get up in the morning and eat your 30grams of protein 30 minutes in. This should keep you full until lunch, and start you on the right track again. Keep a note of all of the foods you're going to eat on your cheat day. Have you taken a picture of your body? That could be enough to get you going again. Good Luck.

  • Div11Diva commented May 14th 2012:

    Thanks, Douglas! After reading your post I realized that I am not eating 30 grams of protein in the morning because I am getting up so late and then I wait too long to eat. This might be hindering my progress. I am going to change my sleep schedule. Thanks for the advice and encouragement. If you don't mind checking in on my progress I would appreciate it. Have a good week!


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In order to get back into it all you have to do is decide you're going to commit; and then you prepare for it. Make a list of the meals you want to eat that week, make a list of food and ingredients you need to make that food and go to the store, then go home and prepare all of the meals. That way when it comes time to eat all you have to do is pull something out of the fridge and microwave. Set yourself up for success; don't just hope that you'll be able to come up with something slow carb when you get hungry. Our society isn't set up very well for convenient slow carb food, and the places that are also offer other very tempting food which could potentially make it hard to stay on track.

  • Maria Rider commented May 15th 2012:

    Well said, Rocky!! I am always prepared and spend at least a few hours prepping veggies for salads for the week as well as other meals throughout the week. It probably takes me like 5-10 minutes to prepare my meals each day. So easy! :) And I've definitely been successful! :)

  • Div11Diva commented May 16th 2012:

    Thanks, Rocky! I really appreciate the advice and you make a good point. I don't keep track of what I have to eat in the house and I don't prepare for the week. I find that I do struggle to pull something out of the fridge that is SCD friendly because I don't prepare. I think being more conscious of what I have available will help me when I'm hungry. Thanks again! Also, if you don't mind checking in with my progress I would appreciate it. Being accountable might be helpful too.

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