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What about the Cheat Day Marcronutrient distribution?


I love the cheat days, eating all day long, killing everything that's in my family's kitchen, emptying every dessert buffet and taking 2-3..4 dishes per meal.

My question is, if it matters what kind of macronutrient you mainly eat?

I mean, in Tims book, he eats a lot of "healty" fats (nuts, almond butter, milk, cheese)

So mostly protein/fat calories.

Compared to me, I eat lot of choccolate, muesli and everything else sweet that I'll find, so mostly carbohydrates i.e. sugars.

Does this make a difference? What are your experiences?

In my case, the cheat days were always hard to recover, and I didn't always put off all the weight until next cheat day, so I'll try to restrict the time window on cheat days... or perhaps now the calorie source.

Waiting for answers :-)

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I have found that not all cheat day foods are the same. For instance foods that combine carbs and fats like Pizza are by far the hardest for me to recover from weight wise. If I just have a carb load I have no problem, or if I stick to protein/fats I have no problems, its when I combine high carbs with high fats.


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In general, I have found that I have larger cheat days gains when I have an abundance of sweets. If I have candies, chocolates, ice cream, cheesecake, donuts and the like, I will gain 4 - 6 lbs each weekend. (My cheat days are Saturdays usually.)

But, if my carbs and extra calories come from things like tortilla chips, potatoes, cheese, breaded and fried things like chicken, etc, then I will only gain 1-3 lbs. I haven't tracked it super-carefully, but it does seem to be a trend I'm seeing.


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I still keep my protein high, try eat a good amount of veggies, and add my cheat foods on top of all of that. I eat a normal breakfast of eggs, turkey bacon, and beans to get the day started. I have eaten so many different things on cheat day I would not know where to start with specific foods.

If your going crazy make sure you do all the things from the damage control chapter.

  • berserkgorilla commented Apr 27th 2012:

    all the things^^ nope, I do the grapefruit (however I prefer eating 2 grapefruits in the morning instead of juice, does this make a difference? Like that I also get some fiber)

    then the exercices, tea, slow eating, much drinking

    But I don't take the supplements (not available, too expensive).. does this make the difference?

  • jodyalbritton commented Apr 28th 2012:

    I have not really seen much of a difference taking PAGG. I do not take it anymore. I do take a multivitamin.

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