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Is this normal?

Hi friends!!

I am in week one Started on Sunday April 22 - down 3lbs :)

I am getting cramping in my legs - Mg deficiency possibly?

I feel very tired and achy...could be im coming down with something or could be the diet just checking...

I am not having trouble following the diet. I pretty much have the same meals daily.

breakfast - eggwhites, spinach leaves uncooked, 2 spoons of salsa, and bean salad mix.

Lunch - bean salad mix, tuna, spinach leaves/lettuce

Second Lunch - bean salad, lettuce, grilled chicken breast

Dinner - bean salad mix, with rotating protiens - salmon, chicken, meat... with a vegetable side - cabbage, asparagus, cauliflower.

I dont feel deprived and I am not hungry BUT I STILL CANNOT WAIT UNTIL FRIDAY MY CHEAT DAY!! Totally normal right?


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I wonder if a potassium shortage could be causing your leg cramps. I suspect all the extra water I've been drinking has been affecting my potassium levels. I had a two week long headache recently (after doing SCD since August) that coincided with running out of my potassium supplements, and once my mail order thing arrived at the door and I started taking them again, the headaches were gone.

Feeling tired and achy could be not enough calories (you didn't list amounts but it seems light on veggies and meats, heavy on beans), but these are also totally normal symptoms of sugar withdrawals.

There's a good article about potassium, sodium and magnesium on a low carb diet here: http://www.proteinpower.com/drmike/saturated-fat/tips-tricks-for-st...

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