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Getting enough calories?

I'm not interested in counting calories, but thought I'd do it at the end of day 2 just because. I got one of those calorie counter apps for my iPhone to help.

Here's some specs:

41 year old male, 5'11" tall, 245 lbs, 44%bf, which renders me a recommended caloric intake of 2000-2200kcal

Here was my meals yesterday.

Breakfast: 3 egg whites, 1/2 cup beans (lentils, pinto, black bean mix), 1 cup spinach (167 cal, 26g pro)

Lunch: 1/2 cup beans (lentils, pinto, black bean mix), 1 cup spinach, 5 oz chicken breast (251 cal, 34g pro)

Dinner: large portion spinach salad (cuccs, bacon bits, carrots, and a bit of feta), 2 slices cooked ham, mixed veggies (150 cal, 10g pro)

Snack: 20 mini carrots, 15 almonds (172 cal, 5g pro)

Total for the day 746 cal, 75g pro this is all based off the calorie calculator app.

I also had 4L of water through out the day.

I was not hungry after my meals and was satisfied all day, but that sort of seems low on the calorie side, but then again, we're not suppose to be counting right.......?

Can anyone shed some light on my calculations to see if they're right or share your wisdom with me please.

Thanks :)


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5 oz of chicken breast is closer to 350 calories and a 1/2 cup of beans are mor like 120 cal do that is 470 cal on the meal. So i think you're closer to 900 for the day. I've just been trying to keep my cal. At aroun1200-1400 and not fret if I go over as long as the calories aren't from fatty proteins.

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Oh whats the app called?

I'm 5'11, too, female, now at 177lb, coming from 201lb end of Jan.

Your diet..

I'd add some more beans and cherry tomatoes in the morning.

I'd double the chicken on lunch.

I'd up the ham on the salad, take the whole packet and add a batch of avocado and cottage cheese.


Do you drink cinnamon coffee?

  • rodtrueofabby commented Apr 25th 2012:

    The app is Calorie counter by About, Inc.

    I'm not really a coffee drinker. When I drink coffee I have it black.

    Cherry tomatoes and cottage cheese will be added to breakfast and lunch. Dinner I'll up the meat content and see what the numbers bring.

    Thanks Charley


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It looks like you missed the lunch chicken breast in your calorie calculations. But more importantly, what the heck, you aren't eating enough at all!

And then the snacks you are having aren't really following the slow carb thing as well as they should, carrots are pretty high in sugar so they're best avoided. I wouldn't worry about a slice or two floating in a soap, but they shouldn't be the bulk of a snack. If you bump up your meals to get enough protein and healthy fats, you shouldn't need the snacks.

Breakfast - your egg whites will give you 3.5g protein per egg, or 10.5g total for three of them. A half cup of beans or lentils is probably about 7-9g protein, so I don't think you are even hitting 20g there.

If your body isn't giving you cues that it's hungry, that's somewhat helpful in keeping you from overeating, but you still need to consider food as a source of nutrition and fuel. If you stay that far under your requirements you are going to get unwanted side effects, including a slower metabolism.

Beans, water and veggie intake looks great. It's the other proteins and fats that I would specifically work on increasing.

It's great that you took the time to calculate what you are typically eating, by the way. I think too many people read that they shouldn't worry about calories at all, and then grossly over or under estimate what an appropriate amount of food is. Any time we start an entirely new eating pattern, it's probably smart to take a day or two and take stock of how it's going.

  • rodtrueofabby commented Apr 25th 2012:

    You're right about missing something on the lunch calorie count, I changed that.

    Oh I'll dump the carrots and almonds.

    So, looks like I need to add more meat to my meals (bumps up the protein and calories) but what else should I be adding to get those calories up? Meat won't be a problem. I love hamberger, fish, ham, chicken, pork so adding 5oz of one of these to each meal should boost the protein up but I can't see it boosting the calories up enough.

    Honestly, I can't believe the size of the portions on my plate for my meals. My plate (standard size) is full and I'm stuffed once I'm done. But I don't want to slow my metabolism.

    After day 2 I thought taking stock was a good idea and this is exactly why I posted my question :) so thanks Jake for your input.

  • Jake commented Apr 25th 2012:

    A few easy ways to up the calories and healthy fats are use whole eggs instead of egg whites, cook them in a little oil, add avocado to your salads, don't limit yourself to white meat when you're eating chicken, and add some omega-3 rich foods to your meals (like sprinkling chia seeds on your salads).

  • rodtrueofabby commented Apr 25th 2012:

    Awesome! Thanks :)

  • jodyalbritton commented Apr 26th 2012:

    If your plate is full, and you feel stuffed, you are underestimating your calorie counts. When talking about hunger cues. Unless you have an eating disorder, listen to your body. If you feel full stop eating, your hungry eat some more. Do not try to force yourself to eat just to match some imaginary number of calories or portion sizes.

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