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Day 3 of my Second week

Well this is day 3 of my second week, i'm feeling good no more headache from the lack of sugar. I took my measurements like everyone stated for me to do. So to hold myself accountable. I thought I would post them.


Height 5'2"

Weight 142.2

Left bicep 12 1/2

Right bicep 12 1/2

Bust upper 37

Bust at rib cage 32

Waist 35

Hips 39 1/2

Left thigh 22

Right thigh 21 3/4

I have made an appointment at my gym to have a body fat % done with the Clippers and the Tatiana scale and one other not sure what it is. I will then post this also. I will have all this so that I can continue to track it and see where things take me on this new way of life. I will post what my body fat % is once I get this done on the 30th April .. Should be very interesting.


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Hi, Aahleyah!

Keep it going. Slow Carbing definitely makes you burn the fat and even if the scales don't show it, your measurements will. Granted, I started about 100 lbs heavier than you are at now....but I actually am the same height as you, about a medium frame, and weigh 10lb less than you do now. Don't forget to measure your upper thighs as well. :)

These are my ORIGINAL measurements on 4/18/11:

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 247 lbs

Left Bicep 17"

Right Bicep 17"

Chest (at nipples): 50"

Waist (at belly button): 44"

Hips: 54"

Left Thigh: 27"

Right Thigh: 27"

Not sure how much body fat I started out with, but I imagine it was over 50%

These are my most RECENT measurements as of 4/21/12:

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 132.8 lbs

Left Bicep: 10.25"

Right Bicep: 10.25"

Chest (at nipples): 34.5"

Waist (at belly button): 28.25"

Hips: 35"

Left Thigh: 18"

Right Thigh: 18"

I am currently at about 25.5% body fat with a body fat % goal of 18% JUST about there! :) I'm also aiming for a 24" waist! :) I've already hit my chest and hip measurement goals. ;) So, just letting you know YES it does work. Just keep it going, focus on the prize and you'll get there!!

Oh, also, I'm 42(going on 43 years old) with 2 kids. :) So, odds stacked against me with age nevermind my original starting weight! :) I've NEVER stopped....I've continued to go down every since I started a little over a year ago...and I won't stop until I get to my goal of 115 lbs :) Daunting? Yes. Impossible? Not at all! :) Scary determination that is what you need to succeed! :) Keep it up! Fight the boredom and monotony with the fact that if you perservere even with the blood, sweat, tears, and frustration. It WILL happen!! Trust in the process! Believe in yourself forever! :)

  • aahleyah commented Apr 25th 2012:

    I to and really wanting to get down to 110 to 115 lbs.I have now included my thigh measurements as. I am so determined to lose the weight and become the person I was and better before my car accident. I am not sure but I think I look different already, if not I feel better and this is what counts. I am loving the food that Ive been cooking I have energy for the first time in a long time and it has only been just a week and 1/2. My daughter who lives with me is being very supportive and will look for recipes that I can eat. I am so lucky to have found this site and am amazed at the support. I think this truly pushes me forward to see the success.To know that the support is right there at a click of a button. Thank you.

  • Maria Rider commented Apr 25th 2012:

    Is 110-115 where you want to be, Aahleyah? I feel that is a good weight for my frame and height. I just like a little leeway, ya know? Even if I don't EVER intend in gaining it all back, when there may be times I indulge more than once a for whatever's relieving to know I can work it off within a week or so of tightening up my SCD lifestyle. :) Cause this IS a lifestyle, not a diet you go on and off of....applying SCD principles to your life-long eating regimen is what is needed to keep the weight off PERMANENTLY! :) And that's what I plan on doing for my next phase.

  • aahleyah commented Apr 25th 2012:

    This is where I want to be between 110 and 115 ! I feel great at this weight. although I have weighed 118 and feel okay. I like how I look and feel. I realize that this is a lifestyle and Im in it for the long run. I actually enjoy the food, and for the first time in my life I am actually cooking and enjoying what I am eating. On the plus side I have ENERGY.. this I have always lacked in no mater what diet or what I ate.

  • Maria Rider commented Apr 26th 2012:

    Totally agree with you there Aahleyah. I feel way better on this lifestyle. I'm cooking quite a bit now as well. Keep it up! It will pay off! :)

  • Charley commented Apr 26th 2012:

    Yes, yes, Girls, isnt it stunning how satisfying a home cooked SC healthy beautyful meal can be!

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