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Thursday (April 26) marks 4 weeks since I've been doing SCD; I've been doing some of Tim's exercises (kettlebells swings, flying dogs, and 2 legged glute activation raises) three times a week for 3 weeks.

While I don't expect to lose my weight overnight (I certainly didn't gain it overnight), I'm kind of frustratred. I'm sick of beans and lentils...I feel like I'm going to turn into one (and I used to like lentils). I'm sick of vegetables (and I like vegetables), and I drink nearly a gallon of water each day, I feel like I'm going to float away. I feel gaggy with the food, and, I'm constantly hungry (that's been the duration I've been doing SCD though). I think I could tolerate things more if I saw more progress, but as of last week, not ONE fraction of an inch lost in my measurements (although my rings are a bit loose), and today, I feel really fat after my Saturday (April 21) cheat day. Before my Saturday cheat day, I had lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks, but it sure feels like I gained all 8 back from how fat I feel today; I'm too chicken to weigh myself so soon after my cheat day.

I'm feeling really frustrated with my slow weight loss and no change in measurements, and with the diet. Any words of encouragement? I don't cheat one bit (no artificial sweeteners even) during my 6 days a week on SCD. I've been working so hard, and feel kind of "cheated" and angry by such minimal results.


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Hey cookworm,

There is tons of advice on this forum, click through and read what folks have to say about getting results. I don't need to reiterate all that for you when the awesome folks here have done the work.

So read through some other posts and try to find a new approach.

I'm responding to you because I feel the same way. I think I have lost 3 pounds since I started April 1st. And no inches lost! It really seems like a work in progress for everyone and you have to treat yourself like a personal experiment to find out what will work for you. The hardest part of all this is really tracking your results and being seriously committed to finding your personal solution. I stress to read through the wealth of knowledge that the folks here have contributed. I believe that it can work for me. My most recent tweaks are upping my H20 to at least a gallon and day and stopping the protein shake that I have for 1st breakfast everyday. It's only 17g of protein and I think I need 30g to start the day. And there is so much debate on the protein shake that I think I'm just going to force feed myself eggs for protein in that first 30-60minute of waking. I'll work this new tweak and check it's results...this is the kind of experimenting that you need to do.

You didn't post any of your stats so no one can comment on that. But you did post how you are feeling and that's enough to warrant a reply. Hang in there. Anaylze. Tweak. Read other peoples' success stories. Enjoy your cheat day. And be honest and diligent with your stats and tracking. And don't be so hard on yourself. That's what I am doing and I hope it works too!!!

Good luck and stick with it!!

  • aahleyah commented Apr 25th 2012:

    I understand the feeling of being cheated. However I talked to my girlfriend who is on the slow carb diet, who got me on this also. and she had told me basically that same thing you've stated. She pushed through and had two weeks of now change then BANG the following week she dropped almost 8 pounds.

    I know how you feel in the gaggy part I hit that on my 8th day, but made some minor tweets and now I'm doing okay.. was eating the same meals for the 6 days.

  • cookworm123 commented Apr 25th 2012:

    I heard that weight loss can really start happening for some after the 4 week mark, and I'm keeping my eye on that to keep me going. I don't expect to lose something 20 pounds in a week or anything!, just that I start noticing the measurements reflecting fat loss, a change in the scale numbers, and my clothes starting to feel looser, as well as just seeing that my arms and legs are slimmer, cellulite is lessening, etc. When I think about it, 4 weeks really isn't a whole lot of time to undo lots of damage I caused my body by poor eating habits and lack of exercise, but it's just disheartening to see miniscule changes.

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