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just completed my first kettlebell swings

I've been on slow carb for several months but for my exercises I've mostly done lots of fast walking as my primary exercise so. I decided to buy a kettlebell and start with some basic swings. I've waited to begin because I have lots of weight to lose, never been one who did any kind of sports etc. I also have been a little scared to begin since I don't want to hurt myself and slow my progress.

Today, I had my daughter watch a kettlebell youtube video to make sure I had the right posture and I then I completed 25 swings. That is a big accomplishment for me although I'm sure some of you might laugh as you are reading this. It's a start for me and am looking forward to doing more and becoming stronger.


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Great start! Low reps to start with are ideal as you can concentrate(as you say) on doing it right and practising good form. Keep going-it does get easier. I'm now on 150 reps at 20kg twice a week-weight will go up soon to 25kg! Keep going!

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I told myself so many times that today would be the day to start the swings.....and funny thing, I started mine today too!

Good Job to Us!

  • vrenlos commented Apr 25th 2012:

    There's absolutely nothing to laugh at! That's 25 more swings than you did before today!

    Great work on getting started with, arguably, one of the greatest single pieces of fitness equipment you can invest in. Best of luck!

  • mkr6taclai commented Apr 26th 2012:

    thank you for your encouragement!


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Nice. I started low as well. Same reasons, i was afraid of getting hurt. I do 90 swings now. It feels great!


Good for you! It's NOT a small thing! I started out slow too--I did less reps than Tim said to start with as well as slightly lighter than what he recommended because I didn't want to get hurt either, and, I wanted something that was doable for me so I kept with it (which for me is the bigger challenge--I usually start out strong with stuff but don't stick with it). I'm now doing 50 reps of 20#, and I hope to add more soon!

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