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Leangains SCD Hybrid


For the last few weeks I have been trying to figure out how to shoehorn SCD and leangains style IF together. I have arrived at a plan that seems to be working. Here are the details if anyone wants to experiment. I have been gaining muscle and losing fat, but your mileage may vary.

I will fast from 8:00Pm to 1:00PM

Feeding window is 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM

I use alternating days of low and high calories just like lean gains. I eat SCD every day as a base, and only add or take away portions based on whether or not I am working out. I do not have a cheat day per say, as you will see there are high carb meals on workout days.

You may notice that I am only eating twice a day. I am eating three meals worth of calories in those two meals. If you wanted you could spread the meals out. Timing does not seem to be an issue with this eating style.

I have removed the cheat day altogether. Carb spiking/feeding happens for my post workout meal, and is tapered off through the day.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are workout days and I eat a menu like this.

Post Workout Meal

Steak, Green Beans, Pinto Beans, Large Baked Potato LOADED.

Second Meal

Same minus the baked potato.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday (Yes No Cheat Day)

First Meal

Chicken, Spinach, Black Beans

Second Meal

Chicken, Spinach.


Monday Wednesday Friday I workout.



Bench Press

Shoulder Press

Chin ups

Push ups.

I am a novice so I do the same workouts every workout day. If you have more time lifting you will need to do an a/b spit program as suggested in occams. All exercises done five reps for five seconds per lift. So five sets of 5x5. The fifth set has the weigh I can only do for five reps. For instance, I am currently at sixty pounds per dumbbell on shoulder press. My last set is sixty pounds, the set before is fifty pounds, then forty pounds, etc. Five sets for each exercise.

I train fasted, save for ingesting BCAA's ten minutes before my workout. I eat within one hour of working out.


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I'm experimenting with a similar hybrid. It seemed to be a natural progression. I started just carb cycling this month along with Occam's Protocol.

This last week, I started IFing. Like you, I'm trying to see if I can hack into the inner realms of my body and figure out how to build strength and muscle with minimal fat gains.

On workout days I do a 20-30 minute workout. I do the basic OP workout plus I've added deadlift to workout A (Lat pulldown and overhead press). I am following the schedule as laid out in the book just to see how far a minimalist regime can get me.

I've also added a couple of bodyweight exercises (negative chin ups , push-ups, aussie pull-ups). I want to be able to do pull-ups again by the summer. I've added weights to the glute bridge.

So far, I'm impressed with my progress. My bench press is slowly moving up and I hope to get to 100lbs before summer starts. I'm already doing 100lbs for my squats and I think this week, I can clear that century mark for my deadlift. This is for my 7-10 reps at 5/5 cadence. I am going to wait until the beginning of May to see what my new 1 rep max and 5 rep max are.

My eating quite similar to yours. I do my workouts in the morning fasted.

Workout days are basically more carbs/less fat meals. I have incorporated yams, greek yogurt, berries, rice and quinoa as my carbs for this day.The last time I tracked my macros, I was taking in 2200-2400 calories on workout days.

The day after workout is still moderate carbs. I just have regular SCD meals.

All other days are lower carbs based on non-starchy veggies (mainly cruciferous and leafy greens) and high fat. I still maintain 1800-2000 calories.

So far my weight went up a couple of lbs but my fat caliper readings are holding steady all month. I figure the weight increase is just water retention in my muscles and other hormonal blips.

At this point, unless there is some dire reason for it, I am going to maintain this regime for at least 3 months to give it a fair chance. So far, I'm pretty happy with the results ;)

  • jodyalbritton commented Apr 21st 2012:

    I would try occams, but I do not have access to a gym at the moment. I out grew my 35 pound kettle bell as well. Whatever you have been doing is working. Your arms look amazing hacker.

  • arctichacker commented Apr 22nd 2012:

    Thanks! That photo is actually of my arms before I started OP. try doing some one handed kettle bell exercises like snatches, rows and presses.

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Interesting- please keep us posted as to your progress.

Couple questions-

How do you take your BCAA's? I bought powder form and it tastes like ground up aspirin.

Are you taking Pagg? I'd think it would be beneficial on workout days.

  • jodyalbritton commented Apr 20th 2012:

    BCAA tastes like %@&t, and I drink it mixed with water. I have found that even in coffee with stevia it overpowers the taste. I bought one of those blender bottles, that seems to help. I do not take PAGG anymore. I may try it again in the coming weeks. I do practice cold therapy on my non workout days. Two times a week I take fasted ICE Baths. I have some interesting data from my bodymedia fit that I will post when I have a few more days in.


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If you've done the straight SCD, I'd love to read your observations of how your results now compare to your results with that. I don't know if you switched things up because you were stalling, or if you felt like your ratio of fat to muscle being lost could use improvement. I've read a lot of the leangains stuff and I have a page of notes, but I haven't made a switch yet.

  • jodyalbritton commented Apr 20th 2012:

    I did straight SCD for months and lost fifty pounds doing it. It was the easiest way to lose weight I have seen, when you have some poundage on you. For body recomp, it just lacks the fast carbs for intense workouts. I tried just plain SCD combined with fasting and found that it was lacking in the energy department.

  • jodyalbritton commented Apr 20th 2012:

    The main reason for combing SCD with leangains is that I want to pack on some muscle, and cut fat at the same time.

  • jodyalbritton commented Apr 20th 2012:

    I found it very difficult to spike calories on just straight SCD, without eating a metric ton of beans. On workout days I burn through 4000+ calories, and I am not eating that many beans. My post workout meals are really the cheat days meals spread through out the week.

  • jodyalbritton commented Apr 20th 2012:

    In regards to stalling, no way. If you do SCD properly the fat will come off. My problem, is that I was starting to look "Skinny Fat". I lost some muscle too, dieting without exercise. Adding in exercise helped but I still had tiny arms.

  • Jake commented Apr 21st 2012:

    Thanks for taking the time to write all that! I think I might hold off til June then try out what you're doing. I'm a teacher and most days I'm too burned out to do a traditional long workout when I get home so I do about 15 minutes every day, working different muscles. During the summers though I think I'd enjoy a longer workout. It's the alternating workout schedule holding me back right now. And if I can just hold steady where I'm at til summer, then go at it again, I'll be crazy happy with myself!

  • jodyalbritton commented Apr 21st 2012:

    My workouts take about thirty minutes three times a week. If you do not have the time to commit to weight training, it would be best to hold off. Fasted training, and straight fasting in general has to potential to generate muscle loss without resistance training.

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