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Is it ok to eat almonds instead of lunch?

HELP, I didn't have any food at home to cook, I don't know any place around work where I can eat Slow Carb foods aside from Chipotle, plus looks like I probably will not be able to step away from the office! I packed a little bag with like a cup of almonds sprinkled with cinnamon and stevia...will this be enough for lunch?


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Also, though you probably don't need anyone telling you this, use this as a lesson to prepare in advance. Either like I do -where I make all my meals in advance, or, just having some things in your desk at work. I have a few 80 calorie packs of Tuna in water, almonds, etc. Also -though I prefer the tuna packs, you can also buy single serving protein packets too. All can sit in your desk at work for just such an emergency.

  • MaryC commented Apr 24th 2012:

    Great idea! I usually do make my meals in advance...but life happens! I still don't make bad food choices which is good!

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If it gets you through the day. You can always eat more after work.

  • MaryC commented Apr 24th 2012:

    Thank you.


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I know Tim has a part in the book where he says to get a bag of almonds if you're travelling and don;t have access to your SCD food. I have eaten almonds instead of a meal because I am on the road alot- and it doesn;t seem to affect my progress.


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I think it is OK(as long as you don't down like 20....probably more like 10 at most), but you should really plan out your meals and make them ahead of time so you aren't caught in a problem like this. Why do you need stevia on your almonds? O_o Just eat them plain. :) You SHOULD, as soon as you can, get to a Chipotle and get a better choice in meal in you before you go cheat on a bagel or a cupcake. ;)

  • MaryC commented Apr 24th 2012:

    Thank you for the advice! this I can say though, I am very diciplined with my diet, I don't cheat, I don't give in due to lack of food choices! I would fast before I eat something outside the allowed foods! this is why almonds were the only think I knew I could have from the choices available at the time. =)

  • Maria Rider commented Apr 24th 2012:

    That's cool. But remember planning ahead is planning to succeed! :) Starving yourself can do worse than eating something bad. Just think salads, grilled meats/fish, no sauces, oil & vinegar. Prepare your meals for the week ahead of time if you find you have a lack of "out of the office" choices. It'll definitely work better for you in the end and keep your metabolism revved up! :) Keep it up!


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Hey Mary,

I am of same height and weight as yours. Being a vegetarian (I am having eggs these days) i don't have many sources of protein. As tim says " You should eat 20gm of protein within 30 minutes after you wake up in the morning". So i eat 2 eggs omelette + 5 almonds.

You can have them as a meal replacement (Maximum 10).

PS: i also want to loose 20lbs!! Started from today!

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