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Does sugar make you shaky, anxious, or increase your heart rate?

A couple of the people in my support group who are doing slow carb or low carb have told me that when they do have something very sugary or carby, as on cheat days, that they get some pretty icky things going on. They've reported feeling shaky or anxious after eating something sugary. One told me that her heart would race and that it would pound like crazy.

Consequently, when they do have sweets now, they take it easy, which is a cool thing of course. I have not had that experience myself on cheat days, although I do get VERY sleepy after carbs and can barely keep my eyes open. It's very predictable.

Both types of reactions fascinate me. After all, these are foods that we were eating EVERY day for years, before SCD, without these effects. Are there any others here that have strong reactions like these, and do you all have ideas (or resources) that would explain what exactly is going on?



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I sometimes get something like that. The best way I can describe it is feeling like my body is vibrating or buzzing - a literal sugar buzz. It's not every time I have it; I can have some crazy cheat days and not feel it, but other times I can have something like a biscuit from a mix and it will set me off. I don't know if it's just a reaction to serotonin being released or what. It doesn't bother me but it's weird - I figure it's like sex but without having to shave my legs first.

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As a reformed sugar junkie I can vouch that sugar does different things to me now that before. Before, I would get a brief rush of energy and then it would level out and I would crash if I didn't get more sugar/carbs. The crash would be general blah energy levels but nothing dire.

I would take me a whole jumbo pack of Twizzlers, bag of gummy bears AND couple of chocolate bars to get crash so bad that it would put me to sleep. =|

Last week I couldn't finish a small pack of jelly beans before I started really feeling the sugar. I couldn't speak without stuttering ( I have a slight stutter that I can usually keep under control), I got a huge sugar rush as if I ate 10 times the amount of sweets. I crashed hard within an hour and had a nap. When I woke, my belly was not happy but of course, I WANTED MORE SUGAR =s


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I have both sleepy and heart racing reactions too. If I have something really sweet like coke and donuts in the afternoon, I end up sleeping for a couple of hours until it gets out of my system. If I have a lot of bready things like pizza etc my heart will pump strongly till 3 in the morning, even if I'm trying my best to relax for sleep. My stomach is usually a bit uncomfortable too, probably due to the gluten.

I don't go as crazy as I used to on cheat days for this reason, I usually only have a couple of sweet things and opt for rice over bread.


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Yes! It makes me feel terrible - sometimes I get a headache and feel kinda spaced out. It also makes me really sleepy, like you. I haven't noticed an increase in shakiness, anxiousness or heart rate.

Honestly after last week's cheat day I've decided I don't hate myself enough to eat white sugar anymore! I've been off it since January, but was having things like honey or maple - prior to switching over to slow-carb two weeks ago.


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Hey G..

so glad it isn't just me!!!! sorry we have to feel this way and yet we feel like every cheat day we need to try again....I have really cut back my sweets on cheat day now...just enjoy a little of what I might have craved through the week.


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Yes, all of the above! My first cheat day I had two cinnamon rolls around mid-morning and I thought I was going to vibrate out of my shoes! I didn't eat much sweets before SCD but my reactions are even worse now that I've been doing SCD.

  • Emily Libby commented Nov 15th 2012:

    omg i had a cinnamon role my last cheat day, it was huge mind you baked fresh from a bakery in town, and I literally felt this rush in my veins (prob blood glucose spiking) and my body got warm, its so crazy that we can feel this reaction to things so many of us used to eat regularly. It almost felt like a drug. Not a very good one tho as I thought I was gonna throw up after haha, wow what an epiphany this lifestyle is.


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I've noticed a couple of things, first I get nauseous really quickly if I have some sugary things on cheat day like a pumpkin spice latte or a sweet like Ice cream. What I really have noticed is when I mix sugar & caffeine. I have black coffee every day of the week and feel no effects, but when I mix it with sugar on cheat days, I feel like my heart begins racing shortly thereafter. I wonder if there is some synergy between caffeine and sugar that make that effect worse for me

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