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Time of the month - ladeez, a little help?

I was telling everyone I know about the 4 hour body when I lost about 7 lbs in the first two weeks. I have been following with very little deviation (a couple of frozen berries if I was at breaking point) - 30g after 30 mins of waking, cinnamon coffees at least once or twice a day, worked my way up to cold showers, etc. It was all fab.

But now I have my period and since my last cheat day (Sunday - today is Wednesday) I've managed to gain it all back!

The morning after cheat day (Monday morning) I'd gained 4 lbs. This was my third cheat and the first without VERY strict damage control (i managed to have some grapefruit thru the day and a cinnamon coffee but no squats or anything - I did a 10k race in the morning and that kind of messed up my time to be good about everything else). And since then, following the diet strictly as I was doing when I was losing, 3 more lbs!

I'm devestated! Will it take me another two weeks to get it off again at this rate? Is it possible that having my period could throw my weight off by THIS much?

PLEEEEASE HELP! Feel like chucking it all in now!

UPDATE: Everything is cool. 7 mystery pounds from the last 5 days suddenly disappeared today. 7 pounds in one day. Gone. CRAZY.


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Tim suggests not weighing yourself within ten days before the start of your period. I always gain a ton of water weight and therefore avoid the scale at all oats uring that time.

  • Nin Nappi commented Apr 20th 2012:

    Costs not oats!

  • Icandoit commented Apr 20th 2012:

    I pretty much avoid the scale for 5 days before and 5 days after. It's crazy because it feels like I only have 2 weeks out of every month when I can lose weight/fat, but it is coming off.

  • ax474627 commented Apr 20th 2012:

    I'm now exactly at the same weight as I was this time last week. Which is annoying to have a week that perfectly followed the plan and still be the same. I still can't believe 7lbs was coming and going that quick!

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For me, I weigh myself every day and keep it logged in an app on my iPod. I just want to see what my body is doing.

So far, I have lost most days, but the first day I worked out, I gained a pound! The thing is, I know I didnt "cheat" at all, so I know it was not something I did.

The next day, I lost 2 lbs.

Just keep on keepin' on, and trust that what you are doing is helping your body.

Great job on all the running, though. You rock!

(I hate running, but that could be because I'm FAT!)


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Yep, time of the month can make you retain water like no one's business ALSO, if you JUST did a 10K race....runners will typically retain water in their muscles from all the work they put them through. So, if anything, ALL that weight gain was mostly water due to the long race and your period combined. Just keep it going....usually there is an explanation for unexpected gains like this....most of the time it is like your period(if you are female) or too much salt....or too much cardio/running....etc....just keep drinking water, eating on plan, it'll come off quickly enough. :) You are doing great!! Don't give up!

  • ax474627 commented Apr 20th 2012:

    What happens if I still want/need to run though? I did a 6k yesterday (challenging route, pretty hilly) because I don't want to lose my ability to run while I'm doing 4HB! Physically on 4HB I feel good. Never hungry or tired... but I *do* feel kind of mildly depressed when I'm not doing regular cardio and getting my heart rate up on regular basis.. Is it really best to leave it out?

  • Maria Rider commented Apr 21st 2012:

    If you like to run, then run. I think as long as you aren't doing like hours and hours of cardio everyday. You should be ok doing it like every once in a while or like for 30-45 minutes at most. Overtraining especially in cardio-type workouts will make people stall. I don't think that anyone, including myself, is really telling you to STOP running or do no cardio whatsoever, it's just doing Minimum Effective Dose amount of cardio to not "botch" up the SCD magic. :) Good Luck!

  • ax474627 commented Apr 23rd 2012:


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