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the worlds longest yes or no question!??

So basically all im trying to do is justify some thoughts i have been having and id love any opinions or thoughts on the matter!! you guys are all so smart and respond with such knowledge (i apologize for not answering lots of questions! i feel so intimidated by all you guys!)

so Im almost 5 lbs to my goal!! (started 151lbs and now im at 136...and goal is about 130) I was able to do all this in 77 days!! i think thats pretty solid! ive had some sort of downward movement on the scale every morning (except after cheat day of course...but then again its all that cheat day weight that allowed me to see the movement throughout the week! love that!)

so anywho...my thoughts have now moved to building more muscle! before it had always been a concern to me considering after getting my body fat tested (underwater testing) i was told that my lean muscle mass was around 115 lbs! i thought...oh no ill never "look" thin...ill always be bulky!

but now that im within 5 lbs from goal and i havent quite achieved the look im going for (which is muscular...but not bulky! im not going for model skinny because A. my body wont ever be like that and B. I love being strong and outdoing boys in all sorts of physical activities!!! ) but since i dont see the results (in the mirror) that i want i think the only thing im left with is exercise and weight training!

so i think this is the real "question" if i gain muscle...i can increase my resting metabolism...and if i keep eating the slow carb way just the way i have been...my new found muscle should burn more calories for me right?!! in turn helping me lose fat!?

i just had my first session with my trainer (im only going to work out with her once a week...in fear of over doing it!) and it was all free weights and strengthening stuff! and for the first time i gained on the scale the day after! im not toooooo worried...because im thinking this new muscle will work for me in the long run to burn fat!?

anyone experience this?! there are some awesome strong females on here with amazing results...id love to hear that you think my thought process is correct!

im also thinking with just one day of weights i could afford to do 1 or 2 days of a HIIT style elliptical routine for 30 min? Thoughts?!

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One day of weights is all you need. That's all I do. Don't worry about getting too muscular. I've been trying to do that for a year now and haven't got there yet. So just keep up the good work, stop worrying and congratulations!

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