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So close...yet so far!

Good morning 4hourpips. I have 8 more pounds to go to hit my desire weight, I would like to be at 125 by the 4th of July, yet this seams like it might not happen as I was up .3 this sat. Morning before cheat day. Any advise? I don't want to do the last mile...I have two months, hopefully I will get there.

Thanks to those who take time to read and response.


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You're doing great. You don't need to go on Last Mile if you don't want to. Keep in mind that you are probaby also gaining muscle so I would consider looking at a tape measurement goal.

if you want to tighten things up considering waiting 10 days between Cheat Days.

Look at upping your protein and fats and maintaining carbs between 50-100 grams. Make cruciferous and leafy greens the core of your carbs with lentils/ beans as a condiment on the side.

Don't restrictions calories too much.

8 lbs of fat loss in 2 months is doable, good luck! ;)

  • MaryC commented Apr 15th 2012:

    Thank you, I'm thinking that I might have not been eating enough this past wee.

  • Maria Rider commented Apr 16th 2012:

    Agree with Arctic....TLM is like your last resort and if you really truly want to get really really low bodyfat %. Me? I'm aiming for a 18% which is attainable, but not like TLM-warranted. :) I hope! :) Anyway, I've not wanted to brave the 9-day SCD weeks yet, perhaps it may be needed cause I am doing SCD with my hubby and he is stalling/gaining like the past 6 months, it's frustrating to ME cause I am losing pretty regularly. He seems to be doing exercises, eating the same as me, but losing little and/or gaining. I trust he is not cheating midweek...I hope! O_o Anyway, keep it going!

  • MaryC commented Apr 18th 2012:

    Thank you Akane!

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