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slow carb recipes PLEASE

i cook a lot so that's not the issue.

just gimme some ideas on stuff i can make, i'm already getting good ideas from other posts.

i'm allergic to onions so nothing with onions please.

any encouragement,advice is welcome.

i need all the ideas for meals anyone can throw at me.



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I dont really like beans at all but I love these 2 recipies - and they have tuned into my bean staples!

Black beans, roasted red peppers and tomatoes

2 cans of black beans

4 red peppers

200g cherry tomatoes

Roast red peppers and tomatoes in the oven until they are all soft.

Cut up red peppers into small pieces

Use a hand blender to blend together 1 of the peppers and a handful of tomatoes and half a can of beans. It will turn into a kind of thick lumpy paste. Add it and the remaining red pepper and tomato into a sauce pan with the 1.5 cans of beans, put on medium head, add garlic paste and some tomato paste for a bit of zing, a little seasoning and mix together. Yum! It goes lovely with anything :-)

Cauliflower and butterbean mash

1 head of cauliflower

1 can butterbeans

Garlic paste


Simple really, boil the cauliflower until it's soft. Put in big bowl with can of butter beans. Add knob of butter, garlic paste and seasoning. Mash with masher, then blend with hand blender. Easy as! I used to be a huuuge fan of mash potatoes and ate them with every meal, this is even better! Makes it so easy to make a whole plate of food.

Hope this helps!

  • Ramonastar commented Apr 18th 2012:

    I am posting a couple of recipes for you under SCD. It wouldn't let me post here because there were too many characters!:)

  • dramaqueenactor commented Apr 24th 2012:

    Need to try your Cauliflower butter bean mash. I was thinking it would be great topped with some crumbled bacon and chives!

  • Nader Tohamy commented Jun 10th 2012:

    For our Canadian SCD dieters, butter beans = lima beans (the large size) :)

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The trick is pre-planning meals, always being prepared. My freezer is full of meats I have measured into portions. Cooking a lot of stuff one day a week makes it easier, too. In fact, it'll be easier than your cooking before the diet.

For breakfasts:

A bag of frozen spinach with six servings in it. If you want two servings with each breakfast, use two bags.

A tube of sausage, already is six servings. (this week I'm using six servings of steak because I'm experimenting)

One and a half dozen eggs.

Brown whole tube sausage into crumbles, add bag(s) of spinach to thaw. Portion this mixture into six Tupperware containers. Put three containers in freezer to keep fresher. Next morning, heat oil in skillet, add Tupperware container of spinach and sausage, throw in 3 eggs, cook till omelette-y. Thank me later!

  • agknothole commented Apr 11th 2012:

    Oh, and genaw.com is a website of recipes. I feel like its somebody's sweet grandma who is low carb. Some stuff is not scd compliant, so tweak accordingly. Also Tim ferriss has a free ebook of recipes online. And... A lot of paleo or primal recipes would fit into your regimen. I'm repeating my meals for about a week at a time. Same b'fast, ground pork patty and veggies for lunch, then chicken breast and veggies for dinner. But, I can add different seasonings, or change veggies, add soy sauce, make it taste like curry, etc to keep it tasting good.


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Chili! Sans onions of course. I'm more of an eyeballin' cook so bear with me.

I use 1 to 2 tbsps of grape seed oil and stir fry chopped up veggies, like red peppers, celery, onions, zuchini, mushrooms, whatever I have and like. Add some raw spinach until it gets wilty. Then

I take 1/2lb grass fed ground beef and 1/2 ground turkey and brown that up. Mix all together with some chili powder, cumin, salt & pepper. Mix it up good and then add 1 can of each, pinto beans, red kindney beans, black beans and white beans, 1 can of sf tomato sauce (I usually just make my own in the food processor with ripe tomatoes. Give it a nice stir, put a cover on the pot and simmer for an hour or so until the veggies get softer and the flavors all blend together. Cool and portion into little containers. I just grab one for lunch to take to work or if I'm too tired to cook when I get home, I can just zap in the microwave. You get your protein, veggies and legumes in one meal. HTH!


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Pinterest also has some good ones if you search for slow carb or 4hb recipes. Look over the ingredients though- some slow-carbers are not following the diet to a T and add in non scd foods. I skip those but they are good for inspiration.


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Tim's SCD cookbook just came out today...

Check it out



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I have a food blog with several 4HB recipes and I'm adding more all the time. Also, are you allergic to Leeks? Good alternative to onions.



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Mix some herbs & spice into ground beef, make a hamburger patty.

Put a fried egg (w/ coconut oil) on top.

Sprinkle the eggs with Paprika (which makes your eggs taste like BACON).

I like to add some sauteed kale on top, which I sauteed with onions, garlic powder (and to add some zing,vinegar). Add a side of beans and voila! This is one of my favorite meals!

  • Nicole Pape commented Nov 27th 2012:

    I like "fake burger": I make hamburger patties, as well. Add anything you want (tomatoes, onions, roasted onions, salsa, mayonaise) except for the roll. Yummy!


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Some of my staples ...

Meatballs ...

Minced meat, 1 egg, seasoning. Make into balls. Dry fry.

dry fry some bacon.

Sauce: Blend cherry tomatoes, zucchini, pepper, tomato puree, spices. Add bacon. Blend.

Cook the sauce, add the meatballs ... extremely yummy! (Serve to the family with pasta, but you won`t need it).

Tuna and white bean salad ... with celery for crunch. Plus any other veggies that you like. Season with lots of parsley and white wine vinegar/oil.

Curried lentils: Put soaked/tinned Lentils, a teaspooon or so of curry powder, some cooked chicken, any crunchy veggies you like (carrots, raw cauliflower are good), oil and vinegar, into a box. Put the lid on and shake it! This is my snack box that I keep in the fridge.

  • dramaqueenactor commented Apr 24th 2012:

    Oooh your meatballs and sauce sound AWESOME! I'm gonna try that soon. My new love is spaghetti squash. I'm a pasta lover so it helps with my pasta cravings. I'm made chicken alfredo and put it on top of the spaghetti squash and was in heaven!

  • Eva Lotte commented Apr 8th 2013:

    Hallo wherehasthebikinibodygone, bist du noch dabei? Ich wohne auch in München und fange heute mit slow carb an. Ich finde deine Beiträge sehr hilfreich und wäre an einem Austausch interessiert!

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