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Halting my progress for surgery :(

So I need my wisdom teeth taken out this Friday. Wish me luck, I hate surgery... In the meantime, I'm going to halt my Occam's protocol diet due to the recovery. Anyone have any advice/words of wisdom (no pun intended) for me? I'm two weeks into Occam's, seeing good results so far. I will probably just add on a fifth week to make up for this. Maybe it won't even be that bad, we'll see.


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My impression from the book was that messing up the protocol a little bit would set you back quite a bit. If I were you I'd probably start from the beginning after the break since taking a week will likely mess up your recovery cycles and your weights.

Honestly though, I think the psychological effect of "Starting over" would be the main hurdle. Since you've already seen progress, you'd be better off framing these last two weeks as a trial run which got your pump primed and proved the concept.

I would say take your break until you feel 100%, set a firm date to start back up and then blast back in from the starting point like you're a pro and ride the wave of confidence from knowing that you know EXACTLY what you're doing and expect even better results after you're 2 weeks in again for the second time.

Just my 2 cents, good luck with the surgery!

  • Gfunk commented Feb 10th 2011:
    Thanks for your input. I was originally planning on doing 4 weeks of Occam's followed by 4 weeks of Slow Carb. I might just re-start another 4 weeks of Occam's like you said since I meant to be on an eating plan anyway.

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I didn't read Octom's Protocol, but I did have a wisdom tooth taken out in October, while I was fasting for 2 weeks and busy as a bee (aka, no time to rest).

Recovery time for me was 48 hours.

I'm sure someone with better health and more rest options than I had at the time could recover faster, at least enough to be able to do some fitness. As for food, no solids for the remainder of that day if I recall correctly, so make sure to stack up on anything else you can that's liquid to meet your caloric requirements.

  • Gfunk commented Feb 10th 2011:
    Thanks for the advice - I'm going to pick up all sorts of non-solid foods! I have a whole weekend to recover, I'm not too worried. It needs to be done so I take what life gives me and do my best.


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Hey there, better late than never, good luck tomorrow! By the time you read this you'll probably look like a chipmunk, but at least a very happy one after a few vicodin. I experimented quite a bit on Occam's with the diet, the first week I did slow carb, the second LOMAD, the third ketogenic, then the fourth back to LOMAD. Overall I still lost fat and gained muscle, so don't worry too much. I would definitely not do LOMAD every day if you're not exercising, but try to get some slow carbs in there somehow (refried beans?). Also, if you have a Vitamin Shoppe near you and can get someone to get it for you, I just discovered protein pudding, yum!!


That would be perfect for post-surgery protein, or any protein shake. Just be sure to get enough protein each day so your muscles don't break down. The foods that icedivr suggested are all great ideas too. I wish you a speedy recovery!!

  • Gfunk commented Feb 13th 2011:
    Thanks... Everything went well, im still quite swollen and can't really eat solid foods yet. Getting there! I did manage to eat the Occam's protein shakes in the morning, but the rest of the days have been tomato soup and chocolate shakes. Oh well haha


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I had mine taken out last year and I recovered in 2 days (because they were the top ones, bottom ones will take about 5 days). You won't be able to eat any solid food for a few days, so I would drink protein shakes and maybe some chicken broth. Also, to maintain the muscle mass that you have, you can take extra BCAAs and L-Glutamine. You can still probably eat a little plain yogurt with almond butter in the AM & PM to keep your muscle glycogen up--otherwise your body will go after your muscles w/o enough carbs. Just make sure you're getting enough protein and some carbs and you'll be fine even if you don't exercise. I went 6 days w/o exercising (I was too sore) and was fine!

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