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I am positive I am doing something wrong...

I've gone 17lbs total in two months but practically all of that was in the first month. For the last 20 days I've been bouncing between 247 and 244 lbs and I can't figure out why.

For breakfast (between 7:30am - 8:30am) I would eat what Tim recommended in the book (spinach, egg whites, salsa) but I cannot stand eggs. They make me gag. I stuck with it for 8 eight days though till I reached my limit of it. The past 3 days I've been eating a tuna and spinach salad - two things I was a fan of long before I started this diet.

Around 11 or noon I'll drink a protein shake.

Lunch (between 4pm - 5pm) I'll eat a can of black beans with onions and two Wimmer's Weiners, spinach with balsamic vinegar / olive oil dressing and carrots.

An hour or so after that I'll eat four stalks of broccoli and some cucumbers.

I don't typically eat an actual dinner. I've never eaten more than twice a day. If I do it is usually a couple pieces of chicken breasts I grill with some mixed vegetables. I think that may be a problem. Most of the posts I've gone through had three actual meals and two smaller ones. 4-Hour Body recommends eating more. I may have to force myself to do it.

I went through a lot of posts this morning. A lot of the recommendations haven't really applied to me since I don't drink coffee or dairy, I don't eat nuts, I've cut out soda (diet, too) completely, I drink three 16oz mugs of tea with no sweetener, I'm not certain how much standard water usually between 2 - 3 16oz cups of it. I did chew gum but that stopped recently

It was recommended to me from a friend of mine to eat a bunch of small things during the day to force my metabolism to work. I don't know if that will help or not.

Thanks ahead of time for any advice!


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Welcome, glad you stumbled up our humble little forum here. Lots of people helping each other out towards their mutual goals.

Like you allude to I would say you really have to balance out your meals, the whole premise of the diet is to eat foods that move slowly through our digestive system and to keep our metabolism going strong to burn the fat off.

Your breakfast doesn't need to have eggs in it if you don't like. Mine usually is eggs plus turkey bacon or beans. You could easily do the turkey bacon and beans. Tuna and Spinach is totally fine for breakfast if you want too. The idea is to get the 30g of protein right away to hit your metabolism as it gets going and keep it on course for the day. Doesn't matter what foods they are.

We typically steer away from protein shakes here just because people seem to have better success with whole foods. Until your unstalled I would get rid of it, then once the ship is back on course you can try re-introducing it if it's better for your lifestlye.

My lunch is usually really early or really late so I'll throw in a big snack/small meal on the long side of things. Typically people eat the 3 solid meals and a snack if they need. People typically have better success with more smaller meals but that's not a requisite. Might be better for you.

Likely you have to up your water intake, I've always been heavy on the water but I typically drink 4-6L per day, your in the 1.5 range. Drink until your pee is clear or it becomes a chore to take more in, you can really hurt yourself by drinking too much but way beyond what you can do comfortably. It sounds silly but I hung a Platypus water bag beside my desk, I look like a Hampster but I drink a ton of water because of it. If I go out I always have a Nalgene.

Sugar free gum is fine.

  • BabyDolphin commented Apr 10th 2012:

    I kicked my lifelong gum addiction. I found that as I chewed, I felt more and more bloated and I felt that there was air going into my stomache (not sure if that's true). Our brain however sees that we are chewing gum, and processes that information as food. I found that I was more hungry when chewing gum. That's just me though!

  • Gerzie commented Apr 10th 2012:

    Thanks for the advice, Graham. I'll force more water into face hole this week and see where it takes me. I ran out of Myoplex yesterday so I guess I won't buy anymore.

  • Graham commented Apr 10th 2012:

    Those are better than a straight whey protein drink. Tim, while he was coaching his dad, used them for a month or so for breakfast before transitioning to whole foods. It sets the habit and gets the end result quickly but you typically see better results with whole foods, again just by forcing your body to slow things down by metabolizing the food. I would bet if you could just balance your intake a bit you will hop right back on the bandwagon.

  • Gerzie commented Apr 11th 2012:

    I probably should have been more specific with what I was drinking in my original post. I know he had his dad do it, I started with it and I guess I just never stopped.

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I agree with Graham. Water is essential and whey protien shakes are a no go.

You may also try not eating a whole can of beans at once. What if you were to break up that can between lunch and dinner or breakfast and lunch. Also - you need to ensure to rinse the beans really really well as there is so much salt in canned beans. If I have time, I make my own red lentil soup with vegetables. Otherwise, I stick to eating canned lentils. If I were to eat kidney beans or other types everyday, I would not lose. Not sure why my body experiences that.

Looks like your lunch is a protein shake - replace this with SCD food, and you have three meals a day.

Aim to eat your larger meals in four hour increments with snacks inbetween.

Keep at it. You are doing well! I lost a whole bunch in the first month (probably mostly water) and barely anything in the second month (that's when I started with the supplements that made a difference, as described by Tim). We definitely need to up all our B vistamins for what we are eating, and to make the process easier for our bodies, we need to provide it with Liver Support so that we can help the body drain the fat! It may take your body just a bit of time to adjust. I always say to myself, as long as the scale is going down, I am pleased! 17 lbs is a great accomplishment, keep going!

  • Gerzie commented Apr 10th 2012:

    And thank you BabyDolphin. Like I replied to Graham, I'll be drinking more water this week.

    I already rinse the black beans once I open the can. I would try canned lentils but the grocery store I go to only has dry ones. I tried boiling them but I am kinda lazy and don't want to do it every day or however often I'd eat them. I'll try to find canned lentils and try them out.

  • Graham commented Apr 10th 2012:

    The extra salt can make your body hold onto water, I don't think it's really a big deal except you won't see progress on the scale.

    For the lentils I typically boil the whole bag and keep them in the fridge, I'm too lazy to cook them daily as well.

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